Antony Prabhu

Research assistant
Telephone: 90282079
Department: Behov og velferd

Scientist (PhD)


Mineral nutrition and metabolism in fish has been the core area of research interest looking at (i)
re-evaluating dietary mineral requirements and mineral metabolism when fed low fish meal diets;
(ii) mineral bioavailability, speciation and intestinal uptake with in vitro and in vivo models; (iii)
functional role of minerals in intermediary metabolism, osmoregulation, epigenetics and hostparasite
interactions; (iv) Feed specifications for recirculation aquaculture systems.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional career

Researcher (Sep., 2016 – present)
Freelance consultant (July - Aug., 2016)
Asst professor, Tamil Nadu Fisheries University  (Oct., 2014 - Aug. 2016)
Research assistant FAO (Aug., 2010 – July, 2011)


Ph.D in Animal Sciences (Fish nutrition) - Dual diploma. INRA-AgroParisTech, France and Wageningen University, Netlerlands. Sep., 2011 to Oct., 2015.

Master of Fisheries science, (M.F.Sc). Fish Nutrition and Biochemistry. CIFE, Mumbai. Sep., 2008 to Aug., 2010

Bachelor of Fisheries science, (B.F.Sc). Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Sep., 2004 to Aug., 2008

Research stays abroad

2018: Visiting researcher, King’s College, London. (5 months, Apr., 2018 – Aug 2018)

2017: Visiting researcher, King’s College, London. (3 months, Jan-Mar., 2017)

2014: Visiting researcher with travel cum research grant, HAKI, Hungary (3 weeks)

2013: Guest doctoral student, Wageningen University, Netherlands (6 months)

Current projects

2014-19’ APREMIA: Apparent availability and requirements of microminerals in salmon (APREMIA)

2018-20’ ParSel: Parental Se nutrition and anti-oxidant status. Funded by IMR in collaboration with INRA, St-pee. Budget, 3.5 mill NOK. This project involves a joint PhD with INRA.

2018-19’ Impact of Zn & Cu nutrition at first feeding on lipid metabolic plasticity in rainbow trout fry challenged with Fish Oil-free diet during a later stage. Grant application approved by Aquaexcel2020 under 6th call for access. 

2017-20’ OptiNutr: Optimal nutrition for salmon in freshwater to increase robustness, survival and growth after seawater transfer. FHF-SJØMAT. Budget 10 mill NOK. This project aims at improving the robustness of Atlantic salmon smolt by upgrading the dietary nutrient levels in freshwater feeds. My role is to lead the part in investigating the impact of dietary electrolyte balance on smoltification process focusing on intestinal water uptake.

Awards for excellence in academia / research

2016: Médaille d'Argent de l'Académie. Best PhD thesis (section: Animal Production) by French
Agricultural Academy, 2016 and inducted to the list of Lauréats de médailles d'argent.

2014: Best publication in animal science research, Wageningen University, for the publication. “Mineral requirements of fish: a systematic review” published in Reviews in Aquaculture. 

2010: Best publication award by CIFE, Mumbai for ‘Anti-oxidative and immuno-hematological status of Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) during acute toxicity test of endosulfan’.

2010: University Gold medal as academic topper in Masters’ (Fish Nutrition & Biochemistry), CIFE, Mumbai.

2009: Gold medal as the Best Fisheries Graduate of India: Awarded by Professional Fisheries Graduates Forum of India (PFGF) and Indian Fisheries Association (IFA).

Publications: Research / Reviews / Meta-analysis articles

Antony Jesu Prabhu et al. Zinc uptake in fish intestinal epithelial model RTgutGC: Impact of media ion composition and methionine chelation. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. Accepted manuscript, in press.

Baeverfjord G, P. Antony Jesu Prabhu, P. Fjelldal, S. Albrektsen, B. Hatlen, V. Denstadli, E. Ytteborg, H. Takle, E-J. Lock, M. Berntssen, A. Lundebye, T. Åsgård and R Waagbø (2018). Mineral nutrition and bone health in salmonids. Reviews in Aquaculture. 

Antony Jesu Prabhu, P, Schrama J, Fontagné‐Dicharry S, Mariojouls C, Surget A, Bueno M, Geurden I, Kaushik S (2018) Evaluating dietary supply of microminerals as a premix in a complete plant ingredient‐based diet to juvenile rainbow trout. Aqua. Nutr., 24, 539-547.

Antony Jesu Prabhu, P., Kaushik, S.J., Geurden, I., Stouten, T., Fontagné-dicharry, S., Veron, V., Mariojouls, C., Verreth, J.A.J., Eding, E.H. & Schrama, J.W. (2017) Water exchange rate in RAS and dietary inclusion of micro-minerals influence growth, body composition and mineral metabolism in common carp. Aquaculture, 471, 8-18.

Antony Jesu Prabhu, P., Schrama, J.W. & Kaushik, S.J. (2016) Mineral requirements of fish: a systematic review. Reviews in Aquaculture, 8, 172-219.

Antony Jesu Prabhu P, Geurden I, Fontagné-Dicharry S, Veron V, Larroquet L, et al. (2016) Responses in Micro-Mineral Metabolism in Rainbow Trout to Change in Dietary Ingredient Composition and Inclusion of a Micro-Mineral Premix. PloS One 11: e0149378.

S. Felix, Antony Jesu Prabhu. P, Cheryl Antony, A. Gopalakannan and S. Rajaram (2015). Studies On Nursery Rearing Of Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (Gift) In Bio-Secured Raceway Systems In India. Journal of Indian Fisheries Association. 42: 1-10. 

Godin. S, Fontagné-Dicharry. S, Bueno. M, Tacon. P, Antony Jesu Prabhu. P, Kaushik S, Médale. F, Bouyssiere, B (2015) Influence of dietary selenium species on selenoamino acids levels in rainbow trout. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(28), 6484-6492.

Fontagné-Dicharry, S., Godin, S., Liu, H., Antony Jesu Prabhu, P., Bouyssière, B., Bueno, M., Tacon, P., Médale, F., & Kaushik, S. J. (2015). Influence of the forms and levels of dietary selenium on antioxidant status and oxidative stress-related parameters in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fry. British Journal of Nutrition, 113(12), 1876-1887.

Antony Jesu Prabhu, P., Kaushik, S. J., Mariojouls, C., Surget, A., Fontagné-Dicharry, S., Schrama, J. W., & Geurden, I. (2015). Comparison of endogenous loss and maintenance need for minerals in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed fishmeal or plant ingredient-based diets. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, 41(1), 243-253.

Antony Jesu Prabhu, P., Schrama, J. W., Mariojouls, C., Godin, S., Fontagné-Dicharry, S., Geurden, I., Surget, A., Bouyssiere, B., & Kaushik, S. J. (2014). Post-prandial changes in plasma mineral levels in rainbow trout fed a complete plant ingredient based diet and the effect of supplemental di-calcium phosphate. Aquaculture, 430, 34-43.

Antony Jesu Prabhu P, Schrama J, and Kaushik, S. (2013) Quantifying dietary phosphorus requirement in fish - meta-analytic approach. Aqua. Nutr., 19: 233-249.

Kumar N, Antony Jesu Prabhu P, Pal AK, Remya S, Aklakur M, Rana RS, Gupta S, Raman RP, Jadhao SB (2011) Anti-oxidative and immuno-hematological status of Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) during acute toxicity test of endosulfan. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology. 99: 45-52.

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