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Laurène Merillet

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Telephone: 55238500
Department: Ecosystem processes


Academic articles


Using biological traits to get insights into the bentho-demersal community sensitivity to trawling in the Celtic Sea

Dupaix, A., Merillet, L., Kopp, D., Mouchet, M., Robert, M.
ICES Journal of Marine Science

Biomass of slow life history species increases as local bottom trawl effort decreases in the Celtic Sea.

Mérillet, L., Kopp, D., Robert, M., Pavoine, S. and Mouchet, M.
Journal of Environmental Management 290 (August 2021)

Environment outweighs the effects of fishing in regulating demersal community structure in an exploited marine ecosystem.

Mérillet, L., Kopp, D., Robert, M., Mouchet, M., and Pavoine, S.
Global Change Biology 12 p. 2106–2119

Are we ready to track climate-driven shifts in marine species across international boundaries? - A global survey of scientific bottom trawl data

Maureaud, A., Frelat, R., Pécuchet, L., Shackell, N., Mérigot, B., […] Mérillet, L., […], Thorson, J.
Global Change Biology 27 p. 220-236

Survivability of discarded Norway lobster in the bottom trawl fishery of the Bay of Biscay.

Mérillet, L., Méhault, S., Rimaud, T., Piton, C., Morandeau, F., Morfin, M., and Kopp, D.
Fisheries Research 198 p. 24–30

Are trawl marks a good indicator of trawling pressure in muddy sand fishing grounds?

Mérillet, L., Kopp, D., Robert, M., Salaün, M., Méhault, S., Bourillet, J.-F., and Mouchet, M.
Ecological Indicator 85 p. 570–574

Underwater video offers new insights into community structure in the Grande Vasière (Bay of Biscay)

Mérillet, L., Robert, M., Salaün, M., Schuck, L., Mouchet, M., and Kopp, D.
Journal of Sea Research 139 p. 1–9

Using underwater video to assess megabenthic community vulnerability to trawling in the Grande Vasière (Bay of Biscay).

Mérillet, L., Mouchet, M., Robert, M., Salaün, M., Schuck, L., Vaz, S., and Kopp, D.
Environmental Conservation 2(45) p. 1–10

Annet tidsskriftbidrag


Rapport du projet SURTINE : Evaluation du taux de survie des captures indésirées de langoustines Nephrops norvegicus pêchées au chalut de fond dans le golfe de Gascogne.

Merillet L., Kopp D., Morandeau F., Mehault S., Rimaud T., Piton C.
Ifremer reports PDG/RBE/STH/LTBH/2017-002.
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