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Shuang Gao

picture 20277 1458122529
Postdoctoral Fellow
Telephone: 97131891
Department: Økosystemprosesser

Research interests: marine ecosystem and biogeochemical modeling, marine carbon and silicon cycles, zooplankton dynamics

Currently working on: ecosystem modeling with focuses on Norwegian coasts and fjords


Academic articles


Climate feedbacks in the Earth system and prospects for their evaluation

Heinze, C., Eyring, V., Friedlingstein, P., Jones, C., Balkanski, Y., Collins, W., Fichefet, T., Gao, S., Hall, A., Ivanova, D., Knorr, W., Knutti, R., Löw, A., Ponater, M., Schultz, M. G., Schulz, M., Siebesma, P., Teixeira, J., Tselioudis, G., and Vancoppenolle, M.
Earth System Dynamics 10 p. 379-452

Simulating the modern d30Si distribution in the oceans and in marine sediments

Gao, S., D. A. Wolf-Gladrow, and C. Völker
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 30 p. 120-133

Spatial and Seasonal Variation of Chlorophyll and Primary Productivity in Summer and Winter in the Northern Yellow Sea

Gao, S., and Z. Li
Periodical of Ocean University of China 39(4) p. 604-610
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