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Kristine Bonnevie

RV Kristine Bonnevie

RV Kristine Bonnevie

Photo: Erlend Astad Lorentzen / IMR

In 2016, after a severe upgrading, the former "Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" changed name till ”Kristine Bonnevie” – named after the first female marine biologist in Norway, professor Kristine Bonnevie (born in 1872).

After five months upgrading at a shipyard at Måløy, this research vessel is now more like the research vessels «G.O. Sars» and «Johan Hjort». «Kristine Bonnevie» has got a brand new EK 80, the next generation's echo sounder. In addition, the vessel is equipped with trawl winches and other necessary equipment for research cruises along the Norwgian coast.