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Toktrapport 2022-13

MAREANO North Sea/Frisk Oslofjord cruise (2022118)

Genoveva Gonzalez-Mirelis (IMR)
Toktrapport 2022-7

Report From Surveys To Assess Harp And Hooded Seal Pup Production In The Greenland Sea Pack-Ice In 2022

Martin Biuw, Kjell Tormod Nilssen, Martin Kristiansen, Lotta Lindblom, Michael Poltermann, Tore Haug (IMR), Malin Johansson (CIRFA and UiT)
Toktrapport 2022-5

Survey report: Developing methods for abundance estimation of bluefin tuna in Norwegian waters

Hector Pena, Maria Tenningen, Guosong Zhang and Georg Skaret (IMR)
Toktrapport 2022-4

Testing of trawl-acoustic stock estimation of spawning capelin 2022

Georg Skaret, Hector Pena, Atle Totland, Maria Tenningen and Guosong Zhang (IMR)
Toktrapport 2022-3

Joint survey report for CRIMAC SFI and IMR sampling gear project

Editor(s): Nils Olav Handegard and Maria Tenningen (IMR)
Toktrapport 2022-2

Distribution and abundance of Norwegian spring-spawning herring during the spawning season in 2022

Are Salthaug, Erling Kåre Stenevik, Sindre Vatnehol and Aril Slotte (IMR)