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Quota advice

The Institute of Marine Research cooperates with similar institutes in other countries on monitoring several fish stocks. The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has many working groups in which Norwegian marine scientists participate. There, the stock calculations that undertake the quota advice are carried out, and the advice is quality assured by ICES. 

Quotas for most of the stocks are determined in the annual fisheries negotiations between Norway and other parties (EU, Russia, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland). 

The Institute of Marine Research also provides its own advice for some populations that Norway manage alone (e.g. snow crab and king crab). The advice goes directly from IMR to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, which sets quotas for these stocks. 

In the early summer, the advice is set for these stocks north of 62 latitude: Northeast Arctic cod, Norwegian coastal cod, Northeast Arctic saithe, Northeast Arctic haddock, Greenland halibut, North Sea herring, golden redfish and beaked redfish. South of 62 latitude: sandeel (national advice), shrimp, cod, saithe, hake, haddock and some other species. 

The advice for these stocks comes in the autumn: Cod in the North Sea, mackerel, horse mackerel, Norwegian spring-spawning herring, blue whiting, sandeel, Norway pout and capelin and shrimp in the Barents Sea. The advice for cod, saithe and other demersal fish south of 62 latitude is sometimes revised in autumn. In addition, national advice is given for king crab, snow crab and coastal (fjordic) sprat in the autumn. In the autumn advice is also given for minke whale based on models from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and for bluefin tuna by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). 

You will find the latest official ICES advice on this page.