Anna Nikolopoulos

Telefon: 91887495

Key Professional Skills

Processing and analysis of geophysical observational and modelling data:

UNIX or Windows based scripting in R, MATLAB, Python, Fortran, and C; advanced data handling within Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, OceanDataView. Code handling with Atlassian Git/BitBucket/SourceTree coding version control tools and Docker container platform.

Analytical and numerical modelling of geophysical flows, in particular coastal hydrodynamics and finer-scale processes, with e.g.:

NorKyst-800 and NorFjords160 ROMS models (IMR/MET/NIVA ), Generalized Environmental Modelling System for Surface waters (GEMSS, by ERM), STeady state spectral WAVE model (STWAVE), the SWM wave exposure model.

Marine field surveys and expeditions:

oceanographic instrumentation CTD/RO, XCTD, UCTD, VMADCP, LADCP, ADCP from ships and ice-floes. Underway processing of CTD data with Seabird processing routines, seawater analysis by salinometers, seawater sample filtrations (manual/pumps). Planning of cruise track and cruise programme with PERPLEX expedition planning tool.

Processing, analysis and presentation of environmental data in GIS systems:

ESRI ArcGIS with Python, QGIS, SAGA for production of e.g. bathymetric maps, art distribution maps, field inventory planning.

Project management:

Application and management of small (one person) to large projects (5-10 persons) and associated administration of personnel hour planning and budget responsibilities.


Fjords and coasts

Dynamics in Altafjorden and Kaldfjorden

Curriculum Vitae

Anna Nikolopoulos, Ph.D.

Date of Birth: 8 January 1974   -   Nationality: Swedish
Residence: Tromsø   -    Civil Status: Married, two children (b 2008, 2011)
Phone (mobile): +47 9188 7495
Mail address: P.O. Box 6606 Langnes, NO-9296 Tromsø, Norway

Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography/ Atmospheric Sciences


Stockholm University. Thesis: “Theoretical and Observational Aspects on Deep-Water Overflows – with emphasis on the Denmark Strait overflow”

M.Sc. with a major in Atmospheric Sciences


Stockholm University. Thesis: “Undersökning av kopplingen mellan altimetriska satellitdata och direkta strömmätningar – en metodstudie”





A 12-day Arctic ice-tethered mooring: Velocities, particles, and plankton migration

Anna Nikolopoulos, Torsten Linders

Faglige foredrag


A 12-day view of water velocities and particle distribution under the ice

Nikolopoulos, Anna
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