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Anna Nikolopoulos

2018 09 21 Anna KVFarm 10x10cm 150dpi
Telefon: 91887495

Key Professional Skills

Processing, analysis and presentation of geophysical observational and modelling data:

First-hand tools are MATLAB and R, sometimes OceanDataView and Python, occasionally Fortran and C. Code handling with Atlassian Git/BitBucket/SourceTree coding version control tools. Advanced database handling with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

Analytical and numerical modelling of geophysical flows, in particular coastal hydrodynamics and finer-scale processes, with e.g.:

NorKyst-800 and NorFjords160 (ROMS models at IMR/MET), Generalized Environmental Modelling System for Surface waters (GEMSS, by ERM), STeady state spectral WAVE model (STWAVE), the SWM wave exposure model.

Marine field surveys and expeditions:

Oceanographic instrumentation monitored from ships and ice-floes (mainly CTD/RO, XCTD, UCTD, ADCP, VMADCP, LADCP). Underway processing of CTD data with Seabird processing routines, seawater analysis by salinometers, seawater sample filtrations (manual/pumps). Cruise planning with PERPLEX expedition planning tool.

Processing, analysis and presentation of environmental data in GIS systems:

ESRI ArcGIS with Python, QGIS, SAGA for production of e.g. field survey planning, bathymetric charts, species distribution maps.

Project management:

Proposal and management of small (one person) to large projects (5-10 persons) and associated administration (deadline management, personnel hour planning, budget responsibilities).


Fjords and coasts: the general dynamics in northern Norwegian fjords, with focus on Altafjorden and Kaldfjorden

Arctic Ocean: shelf slope processes north of Svalbard (Yermak Plateau, Hinlopen Strait, ...)

Curriculum Vitae

Anna Nikolopoulos, Ph.D.

Date of Birth: 8 January 1974   -   Nationality: Swedish
Residence: Tromsø   -    Civil Status: Married, two children (b 2008, 2011)
Email: anna.nikolopoulos@hi.no
Phone (mobile): +47 9188 7495
Mail address: P.O. Box 6606 Langnes, NO-9296 Tromsø, Norway

Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography/ Atmospheric Sciences


Stockholm University. Thesis: “Theoretical and Observational Aspects on Deep-Water Overflows – with emphasis on the Denmark Strait overflow”

M.Sc. with a major in Atmospheric Sciences


Stockholm University. Thesis: “Undersökning av kopplingen mellan altimetriska satellitdata och direkta strömmätningar – en metodstudie”


Institute of Marine Research

Since Jan 2018

Postdoctoral researcher, Oceanography and Climate

AquaBiota Water Research, Stockholm, Sweden


Research Scientist, Physical Oceanography

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA


Swedish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Physical Oceanography (24 months)

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institution, SMHI


Project assistant at the Oceanographic Research Department of SMHI (3 months)

Stockholm University, Sweden


Ph.D. student at the Dept. of Meteorology (MISU)


Peer-reviewed articles:

Dybwad, C., Assmy, P., Olsen, L.M., Peeken, I., Nikolopoulos, A., Krumpen, T., Randelhoff, A., Tatarek, A., Wiktor, J.M., Reigstad, M., 2021. Carbon Export in the Seasonal Sea Ice Zone North of Svalbard From Winter to Late Summer. Front. Mar. Sci. 7. https://doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2020.525800

Menze, S., Ingvaldsen, R.B., Nikolopoulos, A., Hattermann, T., Albretsen, J., Gjøsæter, H., 2020. Productive detours – Atlantic water inflow and acoustic backscatter in the major troughs along the Svalbard shelf. Progress in Oceanography 188, 102447. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pocean.2020.102447

Wollenburg J.E., Katlein C., Nehrke G., Nöthig E-M., Matthiessen J., Wolf-Gladrow D.A., Nikolopoulos A., Gazquez-Sanchez F., Rossmann L., Assmy P., Babin M., Bruyant F., Beaulieu M., Dybwad C., Peeken I., 2018: Ballasting by cryogranic gypsum enhances carbon export in a Phaeocystis under-ice bloom, Scientific Reports, Vol 8: 7703, doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-26016-0.

Werner K., Fritz M., Morata N., Keil K., Pavlov A., Peeken I., Nikolopoulos A., Findlay H., Kędra M., Majaneva S., Rennerk A., Hendricks S., Jacquot M., Nicolaus M., O’Regan M., Sampei M., Wegner C., 2016: Arctic in Rapid Transition: Priorities for the Future of Marine and Coastal Research in the Arctic, Pol. Sci., Vol 10, Issue 3, pp364-373.

Sundblad G., Bekkby T., Isaeus M., Nikolopoulos A., Norderhaug K.M., Rinde E., 2014: Comparing the ecological relevance of four wave exposure models. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2014.01.008.

Nikolopoulos A., Pickart R.S., Fratantoni P.S., Shimada K., Torres D.J. and Jones E.P., 2009: The western Arctic boundary current at 152°W: Structure, variability, and transport. Deep Sea Research II, Vol 56, Issue 17, pp 1164-1181, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2008.10.014.

Nikolopoulos A., Borenäs K., Hietala R., Lundberg P., 2003: Hydraulic estimates of Denmark Strait overflow, J. Geophys. Res., 108(C3), 3095, doi:10,1029/2001JC001283.

Björk G., Söderkvist J., Winsor P., Nikolopoulos A., Steele M., 2002: Partial Return of the Cold halocline layer to the Amundsen Basin of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for the sea ice mass balance, Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(11), 1513, doi:10.1029/2001GL014157.

Borenäs K. and Nikolopoulos A., 2000: Theoretical calculations based on real topography of the maximal deep-water flow through the Jungfern Passage, J. Mar. Res., 58, 3, 701-719.


Marine fieldwork:



Recurrent cruises (2-3 times/year, 4-7 days at sea/cruise) with R/V Kristine Bonnevie (Norway): in the Troms and Finnmark fjord system. Cruise planning, monitoring with CTD/RO and assistance in mooring recovery/deployment (ADCP+SBE37+SBE56)



May 23 – Jun 21, R/V Polarstern (Germany): Expedition to the Arctic Ocean Nansen Basin. PI for ship-CTD programme and under-ice ADCP/CTD mooring line deployment during a 12-day ice drift. (Initial planning also of leg2 Jun23-Jul21 but not onboard). Co-applicant.



May 19 – Jun 29, R/V Polarstern (Germany): Expedition to the Arctic Ocean Nansen Basin. PI for CTD/RO measurements and water sampling. Measurements with XCTD and UCTD from ship, and MMS90 from the ice. Co-applicant.


WPD Control program Storgrunden

May 13-23 and Aug 5-6: Monitoring survey of demersal fish at Storgrunden offshore bank, Southern Bothnian Sea. Fishing and hydrographic sampling at sea, catch analysis on land. PI for CTD/turbidity measurements and water sampling.


WPD EIA Finngrunden

May 26 – Jun 6 and Aug 1-24: Monitoring survey of demersal fish at Finngrunden offshore banks in the Southern Bothnian Sea. PI for fish survey and hydrographic sampling at sea, and for onland analysis of the catch.


MIT/Joint Graduate Programme

Jun 22 – Jul 1, SSV Corwith Cramer (USA): Introductory cruise for students at Mid-Atlantic Bight. Teacher of CTD and hydrocasts, net-sampling, oxygen titration. Providing guidance for student projects. Handling of the tallship.


Western Arctic SBI Experiment

Sep 2 – Oct 1, IB Healy (USA): Expedition to the Chukchi Shelf/Beaufort Sea. Water sampling, CTD-monitoring, logging of chemical analysis results, analysis of ship mounted thermosalinograph data, preparation of float instrument survey.


Marie Curie fellowship, University of Bergen

Aug 2-14, R/V Haakon Mosby (Norway): Expedition to Storfjorden, Svalbard. Monitoring of the CTD and lowered ADCP.


Graduate studies

Jun 29 – Aug 29, IB Oden (Sweden): Expedition to the High Arctic. Operation of the ship CTD/RO casts (all stages). Autosal salinity sample analysis.



Aug 13 – Sep 13, R/V Aranda (Finland): Expedition to the Denmark Strait, Iceland. Training in CTD/RO water sampling.





A 12-day Arctic ice-tethered mooring: Velocities, particles, and plankton migration

Anna Nikolopoulos, Torsten Linders

Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Methane cycling within sea ice: Results from drifting ice during late spring, north of Svalbard

Josefa Verdugo, Ellen Damm, Anna Nikolopoulos
The Cryosphere 15 p. 2701-2717

Dense mesopelagic sound scattering layer and vertical segregation of pelagic organisms at the Arctic-Atlantic gateway during the midnight sun

Pierre Priou, Anna Nikolopoulos, Hauke Flores, Rolf Gradinger, Eirin Kunisch, Christian Katlein, Giulia Castellani, Torsten Theodor Linders, Jørgen Berge, Jonathan A.D. Fisher, Maxime Geoffroy
Progress in Oceanography 196

Carbon export in the seasonal sea ice zone north of Svalbard from winter to late summer

Christine Dybwad, Philipp Assmy, Lasse Mork Olsen, Ilka Peeken, Anna Nikolopoulos, Thomas Krumpen, Achim Randelhoff, Agnieszka Tatarek, Józef M. Wiktor, Marit Reigstad
Frontiers in Marine Science 7

Productive detours – Atlantic water inflow and acoustic backscatter in the major troughs along the Svalbard shelf

Sebastian Menze, Randi Brunvær Ingvaldsen, Anna Nikolopoulos, Tore Hattermann, Jon Albretsen, Harald Gjøsæter
Progress in Oceanography 188

Faglige foredrag


The "top to bottom" water characteristics along the PS106 cruise track

Nikolopoulos, Anna

A 12-day view of water velocities and particle distribution under the ice

Nikolopoulos, Anna
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