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Marco Colossi Brustolin

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Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Coupled effects of environment, space, and ecological engineering on seafloor beta-diversity

M. C. Brustolin, R. Gladstone-Gallagher, C. Kraan, J. Hewitt, S. Thrush
Ecography in press (Ja)

Composition and abundance of benthic microalgae from the Estuarine Complex of Paranaguá Bay (southern Brazil) with special emphasis on toxic species

A. R. Moreira-Gonzáles, M. C. Brustolin, L. L. Mafra
Ocean and Coastal Research 68 (Ja) p. e20276

Future ocean climate homogenizes communities across habitats through diversity loss and rise of generalist species

M. C. Brustolin, C. M. Ferreira, S. U. Goldenberg, H. Ullah, I. Nagelkerken, G. Fonseca
Global Change Biology 25(10) (Ja) p. 3539-3548

segRDA: An r package for performing piecewise redundancy analysis

D. C. Vieira, M. C. Brustolin, F. C. Ferreira, G. Fonseca
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10(12) (Ja) p. 2189-2194

Large-scale distribution patterns of mangrove nematodes: A global meta-analysis

M. C. Brustolin, I. Nagelkerken, G. Fonseca
Ecology and Evolution 8(10) (Ja) p. 4734-4742

Bioturbation by the sand dollar Encope emarginata (Echinoidea, Mellitidae) changes the composition and size structure of microphytobenthic assemblages

M. C. Brustolin, M. C. Thomas, L. L. Mafra, P.C. Lana
Hydrobiologia 779(1) (Ja) p. 183–192

Distribution patterns of ectosymbiont crabs and their sand dollar hosts in a subtropical estuarine sandflat

P. D. B. Guilherme, M. C. Brustolin, M. D. L. Bueno
Revista Biologia Tropical 63 (Ja) p. 209–220

The state of the art of Xyalidae (Nematoda, Monhysterida) with reference to the Brazilian records

V. Venekey, P. F. Gheller, T. F. Maria, M. C. Brustolin, N. Kandratavicius, D. C. Vieira, G. … Fonseca
Marine Biodiversity 44(3) (Ja) p. 367-390

Does Encope emarginata (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) affect spatial variation patterns of estuarine subtidal meiofauna and microphytobenthos?

M. C. Brustolin, M. C. Thomas, L. L. Mafra, P.C. Lana
Journal of Sea Research 91 (Ja) p. 70-78
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