Martina Stiasny

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Curriculum Vitae

I have many years of experience in experimental ecology with a focus on climate change, i.e. ocean acidification and rising temperatures, and early life stages of commercial fish species, like cod and herring. I have significant experience in marine policy and scientific outreach. I have been a scientific observer at several events of the United Nations, i.e. the UNFCCC and the Oceans Conference. Additionally, I have been part of working groups and workshops of ICES and I have worked for the EMFF at the European Commissions and on matters of the MSFD for a local German Ministry, as well as having contributed to AMAP OA. I have experience in interdisciplinary work, particularly with social sciences, like economics, since I have worked in the Department of Economics at Kiel University of socio-ecological systems and interdisciplinary fisheries models. I have been working on the interface of experimental ecology and modelling for most of my career. I have a strong international background, having lived and worked in Scottland, Belgium, Germany and Norway, as well as longer research stays in Norway and Sweden.


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Divergent responses of Atlantic cod to ocean acidification and food limitation

Stiasny, M.H., Sswat, M., Mittermayer, F.H., Falk-Petersen, I.B., Schnell, N.K., Puvanendran, V., Mortensen, A., Reusch, T.B.H., Clemmesen, C.
Global Change Biology 25 (3) (Nei) p. 839-849

Ecological-economic sustainability of the Baltic cod fisheries under ocean warming and acidification.

Voss, R., Quaas, M.F., Stiasny, M.H., Hänsel, M., Stecher Justiniano Pinto, G., Lehmann, A., Reusch, T.B.H., Schmidt, J.O.
Journal of Environmental Management 238 (Nei) p. 110-118

Forecasting future recruitment success for Atlantic cod in the warming and acidifying Barents Sea

Königstein, S., Dahlke, F.T., Stiasny, M.H., Storch, D., Clemmesen, C., Pörtner, H.-O.
Global Change Biology 24 (Nei) p. 526-535

Growth performance and survival of larval Atlantic herring, under the combined effects of elevated temperatures and CO2

Sswat, M., Stiasny, M.H., Jutfelt, F., Riebesell, U., Clemmesen, C.
PLoS One 13 (Nei)

Food web changes under ocean acidification promote herring larvae survival

Sswat, M., Stiasny, M.H., Taucher, J., Algueró-Muñiz, M., Bach, L.T., Jutfelt, F., Riebesell, U., Clemmesen, C.,
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2 (Nei)

Effect of parental acclimation and energy limitation in response to ocean acidification in Atlantic cod

Stiasny, M.H., Mittermayer, F.H., Göttler, G., Bridges, C.R., Falk-Petersen, I.-B., Puvanendran, V., Mortensen, A., Reusch, T.B.H., Clemmesen, C.
Scientific Reports 8 (Nei)

Ocean acidification effects on Atlantic cod larval survival and recruitment to the fished population

Stiasny, M.H., Mittermayer, F.H., Sswat, M., Voss, R., Jutfelt, F., Chierici, M., Puvanendran, V., Mortensen, A., Reusch, T.B.H., Clemmesen, C.
PLoS One 11 (Nei)
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