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Thassya Christina dos Santos Schmidt

Thassya dos Santos Schmidt photo by Justine Diaz
Telefon: 98642353
Avdeling: Pelagisk fisk


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Adult body growth and reproductive investment vary markedly within and across Atlantic and Pacific herring: a meta-analysis and review of 26 stocks

dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Hay, D.E., Sundby, S., Devine, J.A.,Óskarsson, G.J., Slotte, A., Wuenschel, M.J., Lajus, D., Johannessen, A., van Damme, C.J.G., Bucholtz, R.H., Kjesbu, O.S.
Review in Fish Biology and Fisheries 31 (Ja) p. 685-708

Ovarian dynamics and fecundity regulation in blueback herring, Alosa aestivalis, from the Connecticut River, US

Mouchlianitis, F.A., Schultz, E.T., dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Davis, J.P., Ganias, K.
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 37 (Ja) p. 64-72

Eight decades of adaptive changes in herring reproductive investment: the joint effect of environment and exploitation.

Claireaux, M., dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Olsen, E.M., Slotte, A., Varpe, Ø., Heino, M. and Enberg, K.
ICES Journal of Marine Science. 78 (Ja) p. 631-639

Development of a new ‘ultrametric’ method for assessing spawning in female teleost serial spawners

Anderson, K. C., Alix, M., Charitonidou, K., Thorsen, A., Thorsheim, G., Ganias, K., dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., and Kjesbu, O.S.
Scientific reports 10 p. 9677

Environmental stressors may cause unpredicted, notably lagged life-history responses in adults of the planktivorous Atlantic herring

dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Devine, J.A., Slotte, A., Claireaux, M., Johannessen, A., Enberg, K.,Óskarsson, G.J., Kennedy, J., Kurita, Y., Kjesbu, O.S.
Progress in Oceanography 181 (Ja)

Temperature and age effects on latitudinal growth dynamics of the commercially valuable gadoid Northeast Arctic saithe (Pollachius virens)

Sande, H.A., Persson, A., Mehl, S., Devine, J.A. dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Karlsen, Ø., Godiksen, J.A., Kjesbu, O.S.
Fisheries Research 213 p. 94-104

Are life histories of Norwegian fjord herring populations of Pacific ancestry similar to those of Atlantic or Pacific herring?

Mikkelsen, N. Pedersen, T., dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Falk-Petersen, I-B., Slotte, A.
Journal of Marine Systems 180 p. 237 - 245

Ichthyofauna as environmental quality indicator of Bertioga Channel, São Paulo (Brazil).

Dias, J.F., Rocha, M.L.F., Dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Villamarin, B.C., Morais, D.B. 2017
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography 65 p. 29-43

Oogenesis and reproductive investment of Atlantic herring are functions of not only present but long-ago environmental influences as well

dos Santos Schmidt, T.C., Slotte, A., Kennedy, J., Sundby, S., Johannessen, A., Óskarsson, G.J., Kurita, Y., Stenseth, N.C., Kjesbu, O.S.
PNAS 114 (10) p. 2634-2639

Length-Weight relationship of 73 fish species caught in the southeastern inner continental shelf region of Brazil

Dias, J.F., Fernandez, W.S. and Schmidt, T.C.S.
Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research 42 (Ja) p. 127-136

Pattern of distribution and environmental influences on the Sciaenidae community of the Southeastern Brazilian coast

Schmidt, T.C.S. and Dias, J.F.
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography 60 p. 233-243

Ichthyofauna in the Mataripe estuarine area, Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil

Dias, J.F., Gonçalves, A.M., Fernandez, W.S., Silbiger, H.L.N., Fiadi, C.B. and Schmidt, T.C.S.
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography 59 (Ja) p. 75-95

Taxocenose of marine catfish (Siluriformes, Ariidae) of estuarine area of São Vicente, SP, Brazil

I.A. Martins T.C.S. Schmidt, J.F. A.L.D. and Dias Reigada
Biota Neotropica 8 (Ja) p. 1-10
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