Hopp til hovedteksten

Fisken og havet - 2017

Report on cruises and data stations 2016 (Fisken og havet no. 1-2017)

The report gives an overview of cruises in 2016, by the Institute of Marine Research and University of Bergen, on board research vessels: G.O. Sars, Johan Hjort, Håkon Mosby, K. Bonnevie and G.M. Dannevig and some hired commercial vessels. Each cruise is described by a short description and a track chart mainly showing CTD, plankton and trawl stations.

2017.02.16 15:07

Dynamic Mapping of North Sea Spawning - Report of the KINO Project (Fisken og havet nr. 2-2017)

Svein Sundby, Trond Kristiansen, Richard Nash and Tore Johannessen: Spawning areas and spawning periods of 34 North Sea fish species have been studied by combining data, models and literature. Major part of data is from eggs and larvae surveys. Finally, a comprehensive literature has been synthesized to include all additional knowledge on spawning
activity, and eggs and larval distributions. The literature study revealed that the changing climate over the recent 50 years has influenced distribution of fish stocks and their spawning areas.

2017.02.20 14:32

A summary of 20 years of scientific work on genetics and survival in anadromous brown trout and Atlantic salmon in the river Guddalselva. (Fisken og havet nr. 5. 2017)

During the 1990s, there was a rapid expansion of salmon farming in Norway, with observations of escaped farmed salmon in many rivers, and reports of high salmon louse infections in anadromous brown trout. National authorities became increasingly concerned about the potential detrimental impacts of salmon aquaculture on wild populations; there was a growing awareness of the need for greater genetic and ecological knowledge about wild populations and the interaction between aquaculture wild salmonids. A decision was made to use the river Guddalselva, located in the Hardangerfjord, as a “river laboratory”- i.e. as an experimental facility to study the interaction between aquaculture and wild salmonid populations in 2000 as a joint effort between several management authorities, river owners and research institutions.

2017.11.01 07:45