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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2007

IMR/PINRO 1/2007 Joint NorwegianRussian ecosystemsurvey Barents Sea Vol 2

Survey report from the Joint Norwegian/Russian ecosystem survey in the Barents Sea August-October, Volume 2 The fourth joint ecosystem survey was carried out during the period 8th of August to 5th of October 2006. Results of investigations 0-group, the acoustic survey for pelagic fish, main oceanographic were included in Vol.1 of Report.
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IMR/PINRO 2/2007 Status 2006 Barents Sea

Joint PINRO/IMR report on the state of the Barents Sea ecosystem in 2006 with expected situation and consideration for management The ecosystem is strongly influenced by climatic conditions. Year-to-year variations in the strength of inflow of Atlantic water lead to adjustments in the ecosystem and, hence, to changes in fish production.
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IMR/PINRO 3/2007 Petroleum hydracarbons Barents/Norwegian Seas 2003-2005

Concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in sediments and seawater from the Barents and Norwegian Seas 2003–2005 I 2003-2005 har det vært gjennomført tokt i Norskehavet og Barentshavet for å samle sediment- og vannprøver for målinger av totalmengde hydrokarboner (THC) og polyaromatiske hydrokarboner (PAH). Rapporten presenterer resultatene fra disse overvåkningsundersøkelsene.
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IMR/PINRO 4/2007 The fifth joint ecosystem survey

The fifth joint ecosystem survey was carried out during the period 1st of August to 30th of September 2007. This survey encompasses various surveys that previously have been carried out jointly or at national basis. Joint investigations include the 0-group survey, the acoustic survey for pelagic fish (previously known as the capelin survey), and the investigations on young Greenland Halibut north and east of Spitzbergen.

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IMR/PINRO 5/2007 Proceeding bilateral Russian-Norwegian co-operation

Long term bilateral Russian-Norwegian scientific co-operation as a basis for sustainable management of living marine resources in the Barents Sea. 2007 marked the 50-year anniversary for a formal and active cooperation between Norway and Russia in marine research. To mark this long period of collaboration, the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway and the Polar Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography (PINRO) in Russia arranged a symposium in Tromsø from 21 to 22 August 2007. These two institutions have always been in the forefront of the cooperation, but other institutions in both countries have also participated.
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