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Figure 8. The NEAFC ‘Regulatory area’, i.e. the area beyond EEZs in the North Atlantic with subareas designated as ‘existing fishing areas’ (green), and as fishing closures (red) (NEAFC Recommendation 19:2014). The yellow area is only open to exploratory fishing if accepted by the commission, but no such exploration was ever conducted and the subarea has proven de facto closed. The remainder of the NEAFC ‘Regulatory Area’ in the Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean are also included in Rec. 19:2014 but are not as relevant for this report because no seamount fisheries are conducted in those areas. The purple box is the ‘haddock box’ where bottom fishing is restricted to protect Rockall haddock.
Figur tmpGdp9EP_html_e19b598b432f622b.png