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Figure 3.5: GAM smooth functions of solar elevation angle showing the contribution of this variable to variations in capelin probability of occurrence (upper panels) and density (lower panels) from acoustics (left panels) and demersal trawl (right panels). The y-axis shows the (centred) linear predictor of the models, i.e., the logit probability of capelin occurrence in the upper panels and the log density of capelin in the lower panels, as a function of solar elevation angle when accounting for the other covariate effects. The horizontal line at y = 0 represents a neutral contribution of the covariate to the response, and the grey bands represent ± 2 standard errors around the smooth estimate. The dashes along the x-axis show the distribution of covariate values in the raw data.
Figur tmpVLjCzk_html_9948ff07537de875.jpg