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Figure 15. The expected tungsten carbide calibration sphere acoustic target strength versus acoustic frequency. Calibration targets and target acoustic frequency response for the narrow and broadband pulse calibration of nominal frequencies: (a) 18 and 38 kHz, (b) 70 kHz, (c) 120 kHz, (d) 200 kHz, (e) 333 kHz, and (f) 150 kHz of EC150-3C unit. Dual-sphere calibration was necessary for certain pulses of broad bandwidth. This is to bridge the gaps over “nulls” in the acoustic frequency response of one sphere with data from another sized sphere. “WC57.2” refers to sphere diameter (in mm) and material (tungsten carbide). Blue lines are for the larger of the two spheres in one graph. Vertical red lines indicate nominal “CW” frequencies. Vertical green lines indicate limits of broadband pulse bandwidth.
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