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Brian Stock

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Telephone: 92264087
Department: Bunnfisk


Academic articles


Pulse recruitment and recovery of Cayman Islands Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus) spawning aggregations revealed by in situ length-frequency data

Stock BC, Heppell SA, Waterhouse L, Dove IC, Pattengill-Semmens CV, McCoy CM, Bush PG, Ebanks-Petrie G, and Semmens BX
ICES Journal of Marine Science 78 (Ja) p. 277–292

Implementing two-dimensional autocorrelation in either survival or natural mortality improves a state-space assessment model for Southern New England-Mid Atlantic yellowtail flounder

Stock BC, Xu H, Miller TJ, Thorson JT, and Nye JA
Fisheries Research 237 (Ja) p. 105873

The Woods Hole Assessment Model (WHAM): a general state-space assessment framework that incorporates time- and age-varying processes via random effects and links to environmental covariates

Stock BC and Miller TJ
Fisheries Research 240 (Ja) p. 105967

Comparing predictions of fisheries bycatch using multiple spatiotemporal species distribution model frameworks

Stock BC, Ward EJ, Eguchi T, Jannot JE, Thorson JT, Feist BE, and Semmens BX
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 77 (Ja) p. 146-163

The utility of spatial model-based estimators of unobserved bycatch

Stock BC, Ward EJ, Jannot JE, Thorson JT, and Semmens BX
ICES Journal of Marine Science 76 (Ja) p. 255-267

Analyzing mixing systems using a new generation of Bayesian tracer mixing models

Stock BC, Jackson AL, Ward EJ, Parnell AC, Phillips DL, Semmens BX
PeerJ 6 (Ja) p. e5096

A deconvolutional Bayesian mixing model approach for river basin sediment source apportionment

Blake WH, Boeckx P, Stock BC, Smith HG, Bodé S, and others
Scientific Reports 8 (Ja) p. 13073

Methodological perspectives on the application of compound-specific stable isotope fingerprinting for sediment source apportionment

Upadhayay HR, Bodé S, Griepentrog M, Huygens D, Bajracharya RM, Blake WH, Dercon G, Mabit L, Gibbs M, Semmens BX, Stock BC, Cornelis W, Boeckx P
Journal of Soils and Sediments 17(6) (Ja) p. 1537-1553

Specialized morphology corresponds to a generalist diet: linking form and function in smashing mantis shrimp crustaceans

deVries MS, Stock BC, Christy JH, Goldsmith GR, and Dawson TE
Oecologia 128(2) (Ja) p. 429–442

Unifying error structures in commonly used biotracer mixing models

Stock BC and Semmens BX
Ecology 97(10) (Ja) p. 2562-2569

Estimating incidence of vision-reducing cataract in Africa

Lewallen S, Williams TD, Dray A, Stock BC, Mathenge W, Oye J, Nkurikiye J, Kimani K, Müller A, and Courtright P
Archives of Ophthalmology 128(12) (Ja) p. 1584-1589
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