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Cruises and field work

Each year, the Institute of Marine Research carries out a number of research cruises. The aim is to monitor and survey the environmental condition of the seas, and to study changes in the various fish stocks. On these expeditions we take many different kinds of samples. Water samples are used to study the quantity of chemical nutrients and algae in the sea, while acoustic instruments like sonar and echo sounders are used to find and survey fish. In combination with trawl sampling, echo sounding and sonar can give us an idea of the size and age structure of fish stocks.

The findings of our scientific expeditions play a very important role in shaping our advice on how Norway should manage its various fish populations. Our recommendations are given as quota advice.

As well as our research cruises, we do a large amount of field work along the Norwegian coast and in our fjords. This work doesn't require large research vessels. The tasks involved include catching salmonids to see how many sea lice are on them, our annual beach seine surveys in Southern Norway and any other studies that can be done using small boats.


Ecosystem Survey - Barents Sea


The ecosystem survey monitors the state of the Barents Sea Ecosystem to support scientific research and management advice


rosa og gule koraller på havbunnen

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats and biotopes as well as pollution in the seabed in Norwegian offshore areas.

IMR's Research Vessel Department

The Research Vessel Department manages and operates IMR's research vessels "G.O. Sars", "Johan Hjort", "G.M. Dannevig" and our new coastal research vessel "Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra". 

In addition, IMR also manages and operates RV "Hans Brattström", owned by the University of Bergen, "Dr. Fridtjof Nansen", owned by Norad, and "Kronprins Haakon", owned by the Norwegian Polar Institute. 

Cruise planning system

The cruise planning system shows planned expedition for the various vessels and who is responsible for the cruise.