Our vessels


G.O. Sars

G.O. Sars" represents a new generation of marine research vessels. With its vibration- and noise-damped diesel generators and its propellers driven by direct current motors, "G.O. Sars" is an extremely quiet vessel under way. It emits 99 percent less noise under water than conventional research vessels.


Kronprins Haakon

The research vessel Kronprins Haakon has been built to operate in challenging ice conditions, which means it can go further north and south than any other Norwegian research vessel. It is equipped with the very latest high-tech equipment, enabling us to perform more complex studies.




Kristine Bonnevie

In 2016, after a severe upgrading, the former "Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" changed name till ”Kristine Bonnevie” – named after the first female marine biologist in Norway, professor Kristine Bonnevie (born in 1872).


Johan Hjort

Johan Hjort" is named after the first IMR director and one of the founders of ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea), Johan Hjort (1869 -1948).


Dr. Fridtjof Nansen

The Norwegian government decided in September 2012 to fund construction of a new research vessel. The vessel was built in Spain, arrived Bergen 10 January 2017, and was named by prime minister Erna Solberg in Oslo 24 March 2017.


G.M. Dannevig

RV "G.M. Dannevig" is stationed at our research station in Flødevigen outside Arendal. The vessel's area of operation is primarily along the Norwegian coast from Kristiansand to Halden, and in the Skakerrak/Kattegat/North Sea. 



Hans Brattström

"Hans Brattström" is owned by the University of Bergen and is operated by the Institute of Marine Research. IMR uses the vessel 200–230 days per year along the West coast of Norway.