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Each year, the Institute of Marine Research publishes a large number of documents, reports, brochures and articles. In 2007 the IMR established the archive Brage IMR to permanently store and make available full text versions of its own research results. The archive also contains a growing number of digitised older IMR publications dating right back to 1900. Our aim is for it to be as comprehensive as possible. You will also find our scientific papers that have been released for open access on BRAGE IMR.

Latest reports

The surveillance and control programme for bonamiosis and marteiliosis in European flat oysters, Ostrea edulis, and blue mussels, Mytilus sp. in Norway in 2022

01.06.2023 / Rapport fra havforskningen 2023-25

The surveillance programme is carried out by the Institute of Marine Research according to a contract with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. In 2022, samples were collected from an area in Agder where flat oysters and mussels are harvested from wild beds and farmed, and from one mussel farm in Tr...

Nettrapport bilde

Cruise report 2022106

22.05.2023 / Toktrapport 2023-6

This cruise report relates to the Mareano methods testing cruise undertaken in June 2022 which was mainly focussed on the use of the AUV Munin+ in habitat mapping, and the testing of a new shipborne ADCP. This report both records the activities of the cruise and provides some initial evalutaiton of ...

Production, fasting and delousing of triploid and diploid salmon in Northern Norway

14.04.2023 / Rapport fra havforskningen 2023-20

This report is an investigation into the 2020 generation of triploid salmon in Northern Norway and their diploid comparators. The trajectory of 16 fish groups comprising more than 10 million fish is described throughout their production cycles. The commercially cultivated fish vary in origin and rea...