Each year, the Institute of Marine Research publishes a large number of documents, reports, brochures and articles. In 2007 the IMR established the archive Brage IMR to permanently store and make available full text versions of its own research results. The archive also contains a growing number of digitised older IMR publications dating right back to 1900. Our aim is for it to be as comprehensive as possible. You will also find our scientific papers that have been released for open access on BRAGE IMR.

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Assessment of commitments on sustainable fisheries to the Our Ocean conferences

23.10.2019 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-43

  Many ocean commitments have been made at the five Our Ocean conferences since 2014 under six different areas of action. The Institute of Marine Research was given the task of evaluating the 182 commitments made to the action area “Sustainable fisheries”. We analysed the content...

Feasibility study on the use of scientific multibeam sonar to characterize the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna spawning stock

06.09.2019 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-34

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) were invited by ICCAT Atlantic-Wide Research Program for Bluefin Tuna (GBYP) to carry out a feasibility study on the use of scientific multibeam sonar, Simrad MS70, to characterize the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (BFT)...

Capelin distribution in winter 2004-2017: spatiotemporal correlation between density estimates from different sampling methods

06.08.2019 / Fisken og havet 2019-3

The winter distribution of Barents Sea capelin is highly dynamic in space and time, as this is the time of year when mature individuals separate from the immatures and start their spawning migration to the Norwegian and Russian coasts. Due to the difficulty of sampling the entire distribution at thi...

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