Each year, the Institute of Marine Research publishes a large number of documents, reports, brochures and articles. In 2007 the IMR established the archive Brage IMR to permanently store and make available full text versions of its own research results. The archive also contains a growing number of digitised older IMR publications dating right back to 1900. Our aim is for it to be as comprehensive as possible. You will also find our scientific papers that have been released for open access on BRAGE IMR.

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Measuring distribution and density of sprat in Årdalsfjorden with a kayak drone

09.09.2020 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2020-28

Sprat is a key species in several Norwegian fjords, as an important prey for fish, sea mammals and sea birds. The sprat populations are monitored with routine acoustic-trawl surveys using a large research vessel, which provide the main scientific basis for sprat quota advices. Previous survey observ...

Monitoring Program for Pharmaceuticals, illegal substances and contaminants in farmed fish

18.08.2020 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2020-26

This report summarises the monitoring data collected in 2019 on the status of illegal substances, pharmaceuticals and contaminants in Norwegian farmed fish. A total of 13 725 fish were collected. Samples examined for illegal compounds would be collected at all stages of farming and are represen...

Annual report on health monitoring of wild anadromous salmonids in Norway 2019

29.06.2020 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2020-16

Svært få funn av virus i utvandrende smolt og postsmolt Havforskningsinstituttet har undersøkt forekomsten av flere virus som er prevalent i oppdrett i utvandrende smolt fra Hardangerfjorden (N=81) og Boknafjorden (N=80) og postsmolt (N=150) fra Norskehavet. Forekomsten av SAV-...

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