Each year, the Institute of Marine Research publishes a large number of documents, reports, brochures and articles. In 2007 the IMR established the archive Brage IMR to permanently store and make available full text versions of its own research results. The archive also contains a growing number of digitised older IMR publications dating right back to 1900. Our aim is for it to be as comprehensive as possible. You will also find our scientific papers that have been released for open access on BRAGE IMR.

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Summary and status of deep lights and deep feed use in commercial settings: welfare, behaviour and infestation at three case study sites

05.02.2019 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-4

Infective salmon lice are attracted to light and are therefore more abundant near the surface than deep in the cage. Manipulating salmon swimming depth by the use of deep lights and deep feeding could therefore spatially separate fish and lice and reduce infestation rate. This was tested at three di...

The Well – Mixing skirt and freshwater lens concepts with smart-lighting and -feeding to enhance lice prevention and safeguard fish welfare

24.01.2019 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-3

A commercial scale sea-cage design, combining skirt and freshwater lens concepts with smart lighting and feeding for improved lice prevention and fish welfare, was trialed. Environment, lice levels and fish welfare were assessed. In addition, acoustic tags and echo sounders were used to track fish b...

Mapping of fish spawning in the North Sea

18.01.2019 / Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-2

Increased and updated knowledge of reproductive strategies of fish is crucial to optimize the temporal and spatial planning for conducting seismic surveys; in order to reduce its potential negative ecosystems impacts. The overarching goal of this study is to investigate the current spawning times an...

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