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Each year, the Institute of Marine Research publishes a large number of documents, reports, brochures and articles. In 2007 the IMR established the archive Brage IMR to permanently store and make available full text versions of its own research results. The archive also contains a growing number of digitised older IMR publications dating right back to 1900. Our aim is for it to be as comprehensive as possible. You will also find our scientific papers that have been released for open access on BRAGE IMR.

Latest reports

Identifying priorities for the protection of deep-sea species and habitats in the Nordic Seas

28.02.2024 / Rapport fra havforskningen 2024-5

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are recognized as a key instrument to reverse global biodiversity loss and for Norway to meet its commitment to conserve 30% of its marine area by 2030, based on targets established within the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) and the recently ratified COP15 Kunm...

Survey report for CRIMAC SFI 2023

28.02.2024 / Toktrapport 2024-7

This cruise report describes the objectives, methods, and preliminary results from the tasks carried out at the CRIMAC SFI survey. The survey was conducted on board RV G.O. Sars between November 15th (Tromsø) and November 21st (Tromsø); in the fjords around Tromsø, from Malangen...