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Editing the genes of farmed salmon

Can genome editing make fish farming more sustainable? Scientists are trying to answer that question using the CRISPR technique. 

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Genetic impacts of escaped fish

Farmed salmon that escape are one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the Norwegian aquaculture industry. That is because some of the escaped fish manage to spawn with wild salmon, affecting the genetic makeup of wild populations.

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Fish welfare

Farmed fish are Norway’s most important farm animals. Each year, over 350 million salmon and rainbow trout are put out in fish cages in the sea.

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Feed and nutrition

What should fish eat in order to stay healthy and eventually become a safe and healthy food product?

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New species

Mussels, sturgeon or cod? Norway has great potential to farm new marine species. 

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Sea lice

The salmon louse is the most common parasite on farmed salmon, and the biggest disease problem in the aquaculture industry in Norway. Monitoring programs of salmon lice shows that the magnitude of the problem is increasing and that in many cases the lice have become resistant to frequently used treatments such as oral and bath treatments.