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Eeva Jansson

Telephone: 55238500
Department: Population genetics

Post doc in Population genetics group. Working with cleaner fish. Interested in how genetic information can be used in population management and conservation. 



Academic articles


Complex biodiversity patterns in sympatric brown trout (Salmo trutta) populations in tiny mountain lakes.

Andersson A, Jansson E, Wennerstöm L, Chiriboga F, Arnyasi M, Kent MP, Ryman N & Laikre L.
Conservation Genetics 18 (Ja) p. 1213–1227

Genetic analysis of goldsinny wrasse reveals evolutionary insights into population connectivity and potential evidence of inadvertent translocations via aquaculture

Jansson E, Quintela M, Dahle G, Albretsen J, Knutsen H, André C, Strand Å, Mortensen S, Taggart JB, Karlsbakk E, Kvamme BO & Glover KA
ICES Journal of Marine Science. 74 (Ja) p. 2135–2147

Baltic Sea genetic biodiversity: Current knowledge of relevance for conservation management.

Wennerström L*, Jansson E* & Laikre L
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 27 (Ja) p. 1069-1090

Development of SNP and microsatellite markers for goldsinny wrasse (Ctenolabrus rupestris) from ddRAD sequencing data.

Jansson E, Taggart J, Wehner S, Dahle G, Quintela M, Mortensen S, Kvamme BO & Glover, KA
Conservation Genetics Resources 8 (Nei) p. 201-206

Assessment of management practices regarding genetic biodiversity in Baltic Sea marine protected areas

Sandström A, Lundmark C, Jansson E, Edman M & Laikre L
Biodiversity and Conservation 25 (Ja) p. 1187-1205

Lack of recognition of gene level biodiversity: international policy and its implementation in Baltic Sea marine protected areas

Laikre L, Lundmark C, Jansson E, Wenneström L, Edman M & Sandström A
Ambio 45 (Ja) p. 661-680

Metapopulation effective size and conservation genetic goals for the Fennoscandian wolf (Canis lupus) population.

Laikre L, Olsson F, Jansson E, Hössjer O & Ryman N
Heredity 117 (Ja) p. 279–289

Balancing selection and heterozygote advantage in MHC loci of the bottlenecked Finnish wolf population.

Niskanen A, Kennedy L, Ruokonen M, Kojola I, Lohi H, Isomursu M, Jansson E, Pyhäjärvi T & Aspi J
Molecular Ecology 23 (Nei) p. 875-889

Living on the edge: Reconstructing the genetic history of the Finnish wolf population

Jansson E, Harmoinen J, Ruokonen M & Aspi J
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:64 (Ja)

Rise and fall of a wolf population: Genetic diversity and structure during recovery, rapid expansion, and drastic decline.

Jansson E, Ruokonen M, Kojola I & Aspi J
Molecular Ecology 21 (Nei) p. 5178-5193

Characterization of novel microsatellites from Drosophila transversa.

Räisänen L, Roininen E & Liimatainen J
Molecular Ecology Resources 9 (Nei) p. 645-647

Genetic structure of the northwestern Russian wolf populations and gene flow between Russia and Finland.

Aspi J, Roininen E, Kiiskilä J, Ruokonen M, Kojola I, Danilov P & Pulliainen E
Conservation Genetics 10 (Nei) p. 815-826
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