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Eli Gustad

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Telephone: 41598804
Department: Plankton




The use of solid phase tracking (SPATT) disks in Norwegian waters. Detection of azaspiracids, and comparison with algal counts and toxin profiles in shellfish

Morten Sandvik, Thomas Rundberget, Peter Hovgaard, Lai Nguien, John A Aasen Bunæs, T. Castberg, E. Gustad, Christopher Miles

Academic articles


Monitoring of Dinophysis species and diarrhetic shellfish toxins in Flodevigen Bay, Norway: inter-annual variability over a 25-year time-series

Lars Johan Naustvoll, Eli Gustad, Einar Dahl
Food Additives and Contaminants 29 p. 1605-1615

A convenient and cost-effective method for monitoring marine algal toxins with passive samplers

Thomas Rundberget, Eli Gustad, Ingunn Anita Samdal, Morten Sandvik, Christopher Miles
Toxicon 53 p. 543-550

Extraction of microalgal toxins by large-scale pumping of seawater in Spain and Norway, and isolation of okadaic acid and dinophysistoxin-2

Thomas Rundberget, Morten Sandvik, Kristofer Larsen, G.M. Pizarro, Beatriz Reguera, T Castberg, E Gustad, J.I. Loader, Frode Rise, Alistair L. Wilkins, Christopher O. Miles
Toxicon 50 p. 960-970

Giftalger og algegifter i norske farvann - erfaringer fra de siste fem årene

Einar Dahl, Tore Aune, Karl Tangen, Tonje Castberg, Eli Gustad, Lars J. Naustvoll, John A Aasen Bunæs, Lai Nguyen, Johanne Arff
? p. 91-95

Reports and papers


Effekter av stortarehøsting i Nordland i 2016

Henning Steen, Torjan Bodvin, Frithjof Emil Moy, Eli Gustad, Hege Øverbø Hansen, Anders Jelmert, Petter Baardsen
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