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Elizabeth Jones

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Telephone: 40431174
Department: Oseanografi og klima


Academic articles


Ocean acidification and calcium carbonate saturation states in the coastal zone of the West Antarctic Peninsula

Jones EM, Fenton, M, Meredith, M, Clargo, NC, Ossebaar, S, Ducklow, HW, Venables, HJ, de Baar, HJW
Deep-Sea Res. II 139 p. 181-194

Mesoscale features create hotspots of carbon uptake in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Jones, EM, Hoppema, M, Strass, V, Hauck, J, Salt, LA, de Baar, HJW, Wolf-Gladrow, D
Deep-Sea Res. II 138 p. 39-51

Seasonal cycle of oceanic CO2 from the ice edge to island blooms in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean

Jones, EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Hardman-Mountford, N
Marine Chemistry 177 (Nei) p. 490-500

Dynamic seasonal cycling of inorganic carbon downstream of South Georgia, Southern Ocean

Jones, EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Watson, AJ
Deep-Sea Res. II 59-60 (Nei) p. 25-35

Rapid changes in surface water carbonate chemistry during Antarctic sea ice melt

Jones EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Whitehouse, MJ, Korb, RE, Watson, AJ
Tellus 62B (Nei) p. 621-635

Reports and papers

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