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John Fredrik Strøm

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Academic articles


Climate warming is predicted to enhance the negative effects of harvesting on high-latitude lake fish

Aslak Smalås, John F. Strøm, Per-Arne Amundsen, Ulf Dieckmann, Raul Primicerio
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 p. 270-282

Thermal habitat of adult Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in a warming ocean

John Fredrik Strøm,E va Bonsak Thorstad, Audun Håvard Rikardsen
Journal of Fish Biology 96 p. 327-336

The association between parasite infection and growth rates in Arctic charr: do fast growing fish have more parasites?

Eirik H. Henriksen, Aslak Smalås, John F. Strøm, Rune Knudsen
Hydrobiologia 840 p. 261-270

Behavior and thermal environment of Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha in the North Pacific Ocean, elucidated from pop-up satellite archival tags

Michael B. Courtney, Mark D. Evans, John F. Strøm, Audun H. Rikardsen, Andrew C. Seitz
Environmental Biology of Fishes 102 p. 1039–1055

Ocean predation and mortality of adult Atlantic salmon

John Fredrik Strøm, Audun Håvard Rikardsen, Steven E. Campana, David Righton, Jonathan Carr, Kim Aarestrup, Michael J. W. Stokesbury, Patrick Gargan, Pablo Caballero Javierre, Eva Bonsak Thorstad
Scientific Reports 9 p. 7890

Revealing the full ocean migration of individual Atlantic salmon

John Fredrik Strøm, Eva Bonsak Thorstad , Richard David Hedger, Audun Håvard Rikardsen
Animal Biotelemetry 6 p. 2

Ocean migration of pop-up satellite archival tagged Atlantic salmon from the Miramichi River in Canada

John Fredrik Strøm, Eva B. Thorstad, Graham Chafe, Sigrunn H. Sørbye, David Righton , Audun H. Rikardsen, Jonathan Carr
ICES Journal of Marine Science 74 p. 1356–1370
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