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Manish Prakash Victor

Postdoctoral Fellow
Telephone: 55238500
Department: Fremmed- og smittestoff

At IMR I am working as a Bioinformatician.

Our research-group is a Microbiology group under the umbrella of 'Foreign and infections agents'  research-section. This section focuses on the seafood safety including monitoring of wildfish species along the Norwegian coast.

We gather samples  from water, soil, waste-effluents, etc and study the bacterial genetic composition and their diversity. The study also involves a thorough taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of the bacteria obtained. Our studies are a radar for monitoring and evaluating the microbiome and the effects of anthropogenic activities on it. 



Our analysis focuses on determining genes of special importance like Anti-microbial resistance, Biocide, metal-resistance, mobile-genetic elements etc. We even try to understand the the influence of each of the above genes on the presence or absence of other genes. We use  Linux based bioinformatic resources (like the programs and packages etc.) for our analysis.  As a huge amount of information/result-data is generated from the sequence-read data we rely on Python and R for a further downstream analysis. 

Curriculum Vitae

                                      Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=no&user=0ExN-tsAAAAJ


                    2022 PhD. : Division Of Bioinformatics, Bose Institute (University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India)

                    Thesis Title: Studies On The Relative Contribution Of Different Factors That Influence Codon Usage Pattern in

                    Different Organisms.

                    2021 S.R.F : Senior Research Fellow, Institute Of Life Sciences (Nalco Square,Bhubaneshwar)

                    2014 M.Sc. : Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bose Institute (University of Calcutta, India, Kolkata, India)

                    Thesis Title: Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of Metacaspase Gene from Corn-smut Fungus

                    Ustilago Maydis

                    2012 B.Tech. : Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute Of Technology (Guru Gobind Singh

                    Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India)

                    2006 All India Senior School Certificate Examination: St. Michael’s High School (Patna),Central Board Of Secondary

                    Education (New Delhi, India)

                    2004 All India Secondary School Examination: St. Michael’s High School (Patna), Central Board Of Secondary

                    Education (New Delhi, India)



                    2012 IGIB-GN Ramachandran & DBT fellowship, University of Pune

                    2012-2014 M.Sc. (2 years Stipend ) Fellow, Bose Institute

                    2014-2019 Ph.D. (5 years Stipend) Fellow, Bose Institute

Work Experience:

          Positions Held:

                    2021- Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneshwar

                    2016-2020 Senior Research Fellow, Bose Institute, Kolkata

                    2014-2016 Junior Research Fellow, Bose Institute, Kolkata

                    2014 MSc. Trainee, Bose Institute, Kolkata (6 months)

                    2010 Graduate Trainee, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Patna (2 months)

                    2009 Graduate Trainee, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, New Delhi (2 months)

Research Skills:

          Computational Biology:

                    PYTHON, Statistics, C, C++, PERL, R, HTML, CodonW, Vienna, Software package, IBM SPSS, SGD, FlyBase, BioGRID,

                    NCBI, STRING, PaxDb, MULTICOM toolbox, TANGO, ggplot2, dn_ds 0.0.2, matplotlib, PANDAS, mEMBOSS, stAIcalc,

                    Data Science.

          Molecular Biology:

                    Plasmid DNA and Genomic DNA isolation, Gel Electrophoresis, PAGE, PCR, Plant Tissue Culture, Sequencing,

                    Microbial Culture Preparation.

          Teaching Skills:
                     1. Guest Faculty at the University of North Bengal. Taught Basic Python for Bioinformatics for Post

                    Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics (June-August,2021)

                    2. Held crash-course in Biology for A.I.S.C.E students for MBBS Entrance exam (N.E.E.T, India) preparation at

                    Achiever’s Circle (Kolkata). (Ad-hoc) (March-August, 2020)


Work Presented In Conference:

                    1. The optimization of mRNA expression level by intrinsic properties-Insights from codon usage pattern and

                    structural stability of mRNA Poster Presentation at International Biological Engineering Meeting, held in 2017 at

                    Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi.

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