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Maren Hoff Austgulen

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Telephone: 91100550
Department: Feed and nutrition


Academic articles


Daily intake of protein from cod residual material lowers serum concentrations of nonesterified fatty acids in overweight healthy adults: A randomized double-blind pilot study

Iselin Thowsen Vildmyren, Huy John Vu Cao, Lina Bowitz Haug, Ida Ulrikke Valand, Øyvin Andre Solberg Eng, Åge Oterhals, Maren Hoff Austgulen, Alfred Halstensen, Gunnar Mellgren, Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen
Marine Drugs 16:197 p. 1-15

Intake of baked cod fillet resulted in lower serum cholesterol and higher long chain n-3 PUFA concentrations in serum and tissues in hypercholesterolemic obese Zucker fa/fa rats

Linn Anja Slåke Vikøren, Aslaug Drotningsvik, Marthe Tønder Bergseth, Svein Are Mjøs, Maren Hoff Austgulen, Gunnar Mellgren, Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen
Nutrients 10:840 p. 1-15
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