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Paolo Cipriani

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Updating the biodiversity of nematodes of the genus Anisakis in cetaceans from different oceanographic basins

Paolo Cipriani, Simonetta Mattiucci, Michela Paoletti, Lucilla Giulietti, Federica Marcer, eleonora bello, Marialetizia Palomba, Alexandros Frantzis, Nick Davison, Barry McGovern, Catherine Dougnac, Pablo Covelo, Maria Begoña Santos, Steve Webb, Giuseppe Nascetti

Academic articles


Investigating the genetic structure of the parasites Anisakis pegreffii and A. berlandi (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in a sympatric area of the southern Pacific Ocean waters using a multilocus genotyping approach: first evidence of their interspecific hybridization

Eleonora Bello, Marialetizia Palomba, Stephen C. Webb, Michela Paoletti, Paolo Cipriani, Giuseppe Nascetti, Simonetta Mattiucci
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 92 p. 1-14

Anisakis allergy: unjustified social alarm versus healthy diet

Alvaro Daschner, Arne Levsen, Paolo Cipriani, Carmen Cuéllar
Parasitology Research

Anisakis simplex (s.s.) larvae (Nematoda: Anisakidae) hidden in the mantle of European flying squid Todarodes sagittatus (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in NE Atlantic Ocean: Food safety implications

Paolo Cipriani, Marialetizia Palomba, Lucilla Giulietti, Miguel Bao Dominguez, Simonetta Mattiucci, Arne Levsen
International journal of food microbiology 339

Quality issues related to the presence of the fish parasitic nematode Hysterothylacium aduncum in export shipments of fresh Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua)

Miguel Bao Dominguez, Paolo Cipriani, Lucilla Giulietti, Natalia Larsen, Arne Levsen
International journal of food microbiology 121

Differences in Gene Expression Profiles of Seven Target Proteins in Third-Stage Larvae of Anisakis simplex (Sensu Stricto) by Sites of Infection in Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou)

Marialetizia Palomba, Paolo Cipriani, Lucilla Giulietti, Arne Levsen, Giuseppe Nascetti, Simonetta Mattiucci

First molecular detection of the parasites Molicola uncinatus and Hepatoxylon trichiuri (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) infecting the silver scabbardfish Lepidopus caudatus from the Central Mediterranean Sea: Implications for the seafood quality and safety

Marialetizia Palomba, Mario Santoro, Renato Aco Alburqueque, Paolo Cipriani, Simonetta Mattiucci
Food Control

Genetic identification and insights into the ecology of Contracaecum rudolphii A and C. rudolphii B (Nematoda: Anisakidae) from cormorants and fish of aquatic ecosystems of Central Italy

Simonetta Mattiucci, Gian Luca Sbaraglia, Marialetizia Palomba, Sara Filippi, Michela Paoletti, Paolo Cipriani, Giuseppe Nascetti
Parasitology Research 119 p. 1243-1257

Molecular characterization of the myoliquefactive fish parasite kudoa mirabilis (Cnidaria, kudoidae) from se Indian Ocean and its phylogenetic relationship with the kudoa thyrsites species complex

Lucilla Giulietti, Egil Karlsbakk, Paolo Cipriani, Salome Daniel Shayo, Julia Endresen Storesund, Arne Levsen
Microorganisms 8 p. 1-18

Air-dried stockfish of Northeast Arctic cod do not carry viable anisakid nematodes

Miguel Bao, Paolo Cipriani, Lucilla Giulietti, Irja Sunde Roiha, Michela Paoletti, Marialetizia Palomba, Arne Levsen
Food Control 116 p. 1-7

Occurrence of larval ascaridoid nematodes in the Argentinean short-finned squid Illex argentinus from the Southwest Atlantic Ocean (off Falkland Islands)

Paolo Cipriani, Lucilla Giulietti, Marialetizia Palomba, Simonetta Mattiucci, Miguel Bao, Arne Levsen
International journal of food microbiology 297 p. 27-31

Morphological and molecular identification of a new Kudoa thyrsites isolate in Mediterranean silver scabbardfish Lepidopus caudatus

Lucilla Giulietti, Simonetta Mattiucci, Michela Paoletti, Didrik Hjertaker Grevskott, Miguel Bao, Paolo Cipriani, Arne Levsen
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 132 p. 125-134

Novel polymorphic microsatellite loci in Anisakis pegreffii and A. simplex (s. s.) (Nematoda: Anisakidae): implications for species recognition and population genetic analysis

Simonetta Mattiucci, Eleonora Bello, Michela Paoletti, Steve C. Webb, Juan Tómas Timi, Arne Levsen, Paolo Cipriani, Giuseppe Nascetti
Parasitology p. 1-51

Ascaridoid nematode infection in haddock ( Melanogrammus aeglefinus ) and whiting ( Merlangius merlangus ) in Northeast Atlantic waters

Graham J Pierce, Miguel Bao Dominguez, Ken MacKenzie, Anna Duenser, Lucilla Giulietti, Paolo Cipriani, Simonetta Mattiucci, Lee C Hastie
Fisheries Research

Population genetic structure of the parasite Anisakis simplex (s. s.) collected in Clupea harengus L. from North East Atlantic fishing grounds

Simonetta Mattiucci, Lucilla Giulietti, Michela Paoletti, Paolo Cipriani, Melanie Gay, Arne Levsen, Regina Klapper, Horst Karl, Miguel Bao Dominguez, Graham J. Pierce, Giuseppe Nascetti
Fisheries Research

The Mediterranean European hake, Merluccius merluccius : Detecting drivers influencing the Anisakis spp. larvae distribution

Paolo Cipriani, Gian Luca Sbaraglia, Michela Paoletti, Lucilla Giulietti, Bruno Bellisario, Marialetizia Palomba, Ivana Buselic, Ivona Mladineo, Giuseppe Nascetti, Simonetta Mattiucci
Fisheries Research

Anisakis pegreffii (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in European anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus from the Mediterranean Sea: Fishing ground as a predictor of parasite distribution

Paolo Cipriani, Gian Luca Sbaraglia, Marialetizia Palomba, Lucilla Giulietti, Bruno Bellisario, Ivana Buselic, Ivona Mladineo, Roberto Cheleschi, Giuseppe Nascetti, Simonetta Mattiucci
Fisheries Research

Molecular epidemiology of Anisakis and Anisakiasis: an ecological and evolutionary road map

Simonetta Mattiucci, Paolo Cipriani, Arne Levsen, Michela Paoletti, Giuseppe Nascetti
Advances in Parasitology 99 p. 93-263

Helminth parasites of the dwarf sperm whale Kogia sima (Cetacea: Kogiidae) from the Mediterranean Sea, with implications on host ecology

Mario Santoro, Fabio Di Nocera, Doriana Iaccarino, Paolo Cipriani, I Guadano Procesi, Fulvio Maffucci, Sandra Hochscheid, Carmen Blanco, Anna Cerrone, Giorgio Galiero, Giuseppe Nascetti, Simonetta Mattiucci
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 129 p. 175-182

Annet tidsskriftbidrag

Reports and papers


Økt kunnskap om Hysterothylacium aduncum i torsk, sei og hyse fra norske farvann, med praktiske preventive tiltak. Sluttrapport FHF prosjekt nr. 901543

Miguel Bao, Paolo Cipriani, Arne Levsen

Overlevelse av kveis (Anisakis) i tørrfisk. Dokumentasjon knyttet til overlevelse av kveis (Anisakis) i produksjon av tørrfisk. Sluttrapport FHF prosjekt nr. 901332

Miguel Bao, Irja Sunde Roiha, Lucilla Giulietti, Paolo Cipriani, Arne Levsen

Chapters and books


Anisakiosis (Anisakis simplex s.l.)

Arne Levsen, Paolo Cipriani, Miguel Bao, Lucilla Giulietti, Simonetta Mattiucci
p. 457-470
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