Project: IMBeR

Period 01. januar 2012 - 31. desember 2020
Partner(s) IMR, SCOR, futurearth, SKLEC, The Research Council of Norway
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We have changed our name! We are now the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research project (IMBeR), and we have a new logo to reflect this. The three waves represent the link between the open ocean and the land, while the encompassing circle depicts humans who impact but are also impacted by the ocean.

IMBeR is embarking on its next phase of research with even more focus on the integration of marine and human systems. A new science plan and implementation strategy that will direct IMBeR science towards “Ocean sustainability under global change for the benefit of society” is being finalised. IMBeR is a core project of the Scientific Committee for Oceanic Research (SCOR) and Future Earth, and has since its inception in 2005 focused on research at and across the boundaries of natural and social sciences. The IMBeR IPO has been hosted by IMR and supported by NRC since 2012.