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Annbjørg Bøkevoll

Department Manager
Telephone: 99487702
Department: Næringsstoff laboratorium


Academic articles


Variation in Nutrient Composition of Seafood from North West Africa: Implications for Food and Nutrition Security

Inger Aakre, Annbjørg Bøkevoll, Jamal Chaira, Fatima Zohra Bouthir, Sylvia Frantzen, Anette Kausland, Marian Kjellevold
Foods 9

Nutrient composition of 19 fish species from Sri Lanka and potential contribution to food and nutrition security

Amalie Moxness Reksten, Thiruchenduran Somasundaram, Marian Kjellevold, Anna Nordhagen, Annbjørg Bøkevoll, Lauren Pincus, Abu Ansar Md. Rizwan, Al Mamun, Shakuntala Haraksing Thilsted, Thaung Htut, Inger Aakre
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 91

Nutrient Composition of Demersal, Pelagic, and Mesopelagic Fish Species Sampled Off the Coast of Bangladesh and Their Potential Contribution to Food and Nutrition Security—The EAF-Nansen Programme

Anna Nordhagen, Abu Ansar Md. Rizwan, Inger Aakre, Amalie Moxness Reksten, Lauren Pincus, Annbjørg Bøkevoll, Al Mamun, Shakuntala Haraksing Thilsted, Thaung Htut, Thiruchenduran Somasundaram, Marian Kjellevold
Foods 9 p. 730

Sampling protocol for the determination of nutrients and contaminants in fish and other seafood – The EAF-Nansen Programme

Amalie Moxness Reksten, Annbjørg Bøkevoll, Sylvia Frantzen, Anne-Katrine Lundebye, Tanja Kögel, Kjersti Kolås, Inger Aakre, Marian Kjellevold
MethodsX 7

Validation and Determination of 25(OH) Vitamin D and 3-Epi25(OH)D3 in Breastmilk and Maternal- and Infant Plasma during Breastfeeding

Jennifer Gjerde, Marian Kjellevold, Lisbeth Dahl, Torill Berg, Annbjørg Bøkevoll, Maria Wik Markhus
Nutrients 12

Experimental design considerations in quantification experiments by using the internal standard technique: Cholesterol determination by gas chromatography as a case study.

Pedro Araujo Felicia Couillard, Else Leirnes, Kjersti Ask, Annbjørg Bøkevoll og Livar Frøyland
Journal of Chromatography A Vol.1121, Issue 1, 14 july 2006, Page 99-105
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