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Gabriella Bianchi

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Academic articles


Collaboration between the Nansen Programme and the Large Marine Ecosystem Programmes

Gabriella Bianchi, Åsmund Bjordal, Kwame A. Koranteng, Merete Tandstad, Birane Sambe, Tore Strømme
Environmental Development 17 p. 340-348

From cooperative data collection to full collaboration and co-management: a synthesis of the 2014 ICES symposium on fishery-dependent information

Hendrik Dørner, Norman Graham, Gabriella Bianchi, Åsmund Bjordal, Marco Frederiksen, William A Karp, Steven J. Kennelly, Jann T. Martinsohn, Kimberly Murray, Martin Pastoors, Njård Håkon Gudbrandsen
ICES Journal of Marine Science 72 p. 1133-1139

Relative merits of using numbers and biomass in fish community studies

Gabriella Bianchi, Tore Høisæter
Marine Ecology Progress Series 85 p. 25-53

Reports and papers


Balanced harvest in the real world. Scientific, policy and operational issues in an ecosystem approach to fisheries

Serge M. Garcia, Gabriella Bianchi, Anthony Charles, Jeppe Kolding, Jake Rice, Marie-Joelle Rochet, Shijie Zhou, Gustav Delius, Paul A.M. van Zwieten, Megan Atcheson, Devin M. Bartley, Lisa Borges, Alida Bundy, Laurent Dagorn, Daniel C. Dunn, Martin Hall, Mikko Petteri Heino, Birgitte Jacobsen, Nis S. Jacobsen, Richard Law, Mitsutaku Makino, Felix Martin, Mette Skern-Mauritzen, Petri Suuronen, Despina Symons

Demersal assemblages of tropical continental shelves : a study based on the data collected through the surveys of the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen

Bianchi, Gabriella

Chapters and books


FAO species identification field guide of fishery purposes. The Living Marine Resources of Namibia

Bianchi, Gabriella
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