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Helge Sagen

Telephone: 95215046
Department: Norsk marint datasenter

Curriculum Vitae

Started in 1989 at the Division of Physical Oceanography as system developer using Pascal, Fortran and C as programming language. Have been involved in developing user friendly applications in Xwindows running on Operating Systems like SunOS, HP-UX and Linux.
I have been the head of the NMD, Norwegian Marine Datacentre since June 1999 and have been working on developing the NMD as a research group, starting with 5 man years and now more than 20 man years.
Active in several international data management imitatives;
IOC/IODE Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission/International oceanographic Data and Information Exchange.
ICES/DIG International Council for the Exploration of the Sea/Data and Information Group.


Academic lectures


Sea2Data - from data acquisition to advice

Sjur Ringheim Lid, Åge Fotland, Harald Gjøsæter, Espen Johnsen, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Helge Sagen, Thomas de Lange Wenneck, Nils Olav Handegard

Norwegian Marine Data Center (NMDC)

Sagen, Helge

A framework for data flow from observations to advice – the development of a new, efficient data infrastructure at IMR

Nils Olav Handegard, Harald Gjøsæter, Geir Odd Johansen, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Sjur Ringheim-Lid, Helge Sagen, Trond Westgård, Geir Huse

Research infrastructure Norwegian Marine Data Centre 2012-2017

Sagen, Helge

Sea2Data - Havforskingsinstituttets datainfrastrukturprosjekt for feltdata

Nils Olav Handegard, Harald Gjøsæter, Geir Odd Johansen, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Erlend Moksness, Helge Sagen, Jon Helge Vølstad, Trond Inge Westgaard

Academic articles


Data interoperability between elements of the global ocean observing system

Derrick P. Snowden, Vardis Tsontos, Nils Olav Handegard, Marcos Zarate, Kevin M. O'Brien, Kenneth S. Casey, Neville Smith, Helge Sagen, Kathleen Bailey, Mirtha Lewis, Sean Arms
Frontiers in Marine Science 6:442 p. 1-15

Popular science articles


Norwegian Marine Data Centre

Helge Sagen, Sjur Ringheim Lid, Geir Huse
META 2012 p. 31-35

Reports and papers


D3.2 - International and external protocols

Torill Hamre, Helge Sagen, Sjur Lid Ringheim, Kjetil Fjellheim, Øystein Godøy, Stein Tronstad, Svein Kristiansen, Aave Lepland, Jan Karud, John Rune Selvik

D3.1 – Definition of data formats and metadata structure

Torill Hamre, Øystein Godøy, Sjur Lid Ringheim, Stein Tronstad, Helge Sagen, Kjetil Fjellheim, Svein Østerhus, Morten Krogstad, Aave Lepland, Nina Nordlund, Svein Kristiansen, Roald Vang, Jan Karud, Nils Valland, Benjamin Pfeil, Aleksander Vines, Arnfinn Morvik

LifeWatch Norge. Sluttrapport fra forprosjektet - NINA Rapport 928

Frank Ole Hanssen, Tor Gravråk Heggberget, Nils Valland, Wouter Koch, S. Jannicke Moe, Jan Karud, Helge Sagen, Sjur Ringheim Lid, Dag Terje Filip Endresen

An integrated database for marine research

Svein Floen, Harald Gjøsæter, Rolf Korneliussen, Helge Sagen, Petter Thorvaldsen, Vidar Wennevik

Database for Havforskningsinstituttets forskningsdata

Svein Floen, Harald Gjøsæter, Rolf Korneliussen, Helge Sagen, Petter Thorvaldsen, Vidar Wennevik



Towards seamless integration of data and processing software: data products generated from machine-to-machine interfaces

Nils Olav Handegard, Harald Gjøsæter, Espen Johnsen, Sjur Ringheim Lid, Erik Joel Steinar Olsen, Helge Sagen, Ibrahim Umar, Geir Huse

The national research infrastructure NMDC, Norwegian Marine Data Centre

Sagen, Helge
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