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Jan Olav Fosse

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Telephone: 99700902
Department: Stasjon Matre


Academic lectures


Feasibility of reducing lice infestations on farmed salmon using an airdome for swim bladder refilling during continuous submergence.

Frode Oppedal, Ole Folkedal, Jonatan Nilsson, Lars Helge Stien, Timothy David Dempster, Jan Olav Fosse, Tone Vågseth

Academic articles


Oxygen gradients affect behaviour of caged Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Tina Oldham, Timothy David Dempster, Jan Olav Fosse, Frode Oppedal
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 9 p. 145-153

Assessing swimming capacity and schooling behaviour in farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar with experimental push-cages

Malthe Hvas, Ole Folkedal, David Solstorm, Tone Vågseth, Jan Olav Fosse, Lars Christian Gansel, Frode Oppedal
Aquaculture 473 p. 423-429
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