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The Catch Welfare Platform – a focus on future-proof fisheries

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Photo from trawling

Photo: Åse Husebø / IMR
Date 20. November 2023 - 22. November 2023 10:00 - 17:00
Location Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway
Web page The Catch Welfare Platform

We are delighted to announce the first conference of the Catch Welfare Platform will be held on the 20–22 November 2023 in Bergen, Norway.

The platform is funded by Open Philanthropy and will be a global industry-science driven network that aims to improve sustainability and profitability in wild-capture fisheries. The conference will facilitate discussions on the topic of catch welfare and launch the network.

What is Catch Welfare?

The Catch Welfare concept focuses on pragmatic solutions to reduce individual stress levels in the catch (Fig. 1). This includes unwanted and released animals, and those to be slaughtered onboard. Incentivizing fishers, such as through the valorisation of seafood products adhering to good catch welfare standards, is envisaged as a key outcome. Our work on the Catch Welfare concept will start at the conference and continue thereafter.

illustrasjon av fangstvelferdskonseptet
Figure 1: Illustration of the Catch Welfare concept. 

Our approach will improve sustainability by reducing collateral mortality during fishing and enhance profitability by improving product quality and shelf-life. Reducing stress would create premium market opportunities for seafood caught with good catch welfare standards. We recognise the connection between the Catch Welfare concept and ongoing challenges in wild-capture fisheries, such as overfishing. 

Conference registration is open, and the list of participants represent a wide range of seafood-related industry stakeholders from across in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. In addition, many researchers from around the World have signed up to participate in the conference. 

More information can be found on our website (catchwelfareplatform.com).

Catch Welfare Platform-team

The team behind the Catch Welfare Platform concept includes expertise in animal welfare, wild-capture fishing, food science and technology, consumer research and stakeholder engagement: 

  • Institute of Marine Research, Norway: Mike Breen, Neil Anders
  • Nofima, Norway: Ragnhild Aven Svalheim, Themis Altintzoglou, Bjørn Roth
  • UiT The Artic University of Norway, Norway: Endre Grimsbø
  • Michelle Boonstra Consultancy, Netherlands: Michelle Boonstra
  • Wageningen Livestock Research, Netherlands: Hans van de Vis (co-ordinator)
  • UEH University, Vietnam: Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy

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