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Tagging a furious shark


For the first time, IMR scientists have successfully tagged a porbeagle with a satellite tag. Now researchers can learn more about what the great white shark's "little brother" does in Norwegian waters.

photo of a stranded whale and researchers studying it

Researchers looked for worms inside stranded whales and found too many to count


“Good news in times of climate change.”

Two haddock larvae.

Exposure to magnetic fields from subsea cables slows down haddock larvae, study finds


Haddock larvae swam more slowly after being exposed in the laboratory to magnetic fields similar to those created by undersea cables connecting offshore wind farms.

Photo of northeast Arctic cod

Barents Sea: Cod quota of maximum 566,784 tonnes recommended for 2023


That is 20 percent lower than the previous year, and lowest since 2009.

HI 050434

– Quota recommendations virtually unaffected


The first bilateral quota recommendation for cod, haddock and deepwater redfish in the Barents Sea is now ready.