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Fin whales making strong comeback in the Southern Ocean


Marine scientists estimate that there may be many times more fin whales than thought in the Southern Ocean.

Håbrann munn

Porbeagle Shark swam from Lofoten in Norway to Canary Islands


Like many people living in the north of Norway, a shark tagged by the Institute of Marine Research, set its course straight for warmer climates as the autumn cold set in.

Montasje torskeegg forskere og torsk

Cod can adjust to climate change - from one generation to the next


The temperature the mother experiences affects how the offspring develop.

brugdemaki caroline

The world's largest sushi?


No, this basking shark roll is not recommended for your dinner plate. However, for innovative research, it is perfect. 

An octopus with eight arms and reddish colour

Scientists have discovered a new deep sea octopus


Deep sea octopuses are still shrouded in mystery. Researchers have recently added new insights about the creatures, describing a new Arctic species for the first time.

Collage of three photos. One man smiling to the camera, wolf fish on the sea floor and sea urchin.

New EU-project: Linking marine habitat status to predators


Fishing drives a reduction in the number of large and old predatory fish. What does this mean for ecosystems?