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Sharks on the Move: Norwegian scientists tagged four 2.5 m-long porbeagles outside Lofoten


Join us on our hunt for the “great white shark’s cousin” and see how our team gets them under control. In just a week, four porbeagles weighing over 100 kg were tagged. 

The harbour porpoise is a small cetacean of about 1.5 meters

Using sound to monitor harbour porpoises


Porpoises "click" – marine scientists listen. This is how they will find out how many porpoises there are in the Skagerrak and where they are throughout the year. 

Gjør klar CTD en

Interested in international ocean data?


Research data after Statsraad Lehmkuhl's circumnavigation is now available to anyone who is curious.

Drone photo of a fishing vessel towing a special fish net cage.

Live storage of bluefin tuna: Historic success in Norwegian waters


Researchers and fishers joined forces in trapping and transporting live bluefin tuna in the 200-300 kilo weight class.


IMR launches its own “shark hotline”


We are launching our own “shark hotline”, and we would like everyone who observes a basking shark or porbeagle along the Norwegian coast to give us a call. 

This is one of the plastic rocks investigated. A film of plastic has become attached to the rocks surface.

Plastic waste and rocks form chemical bond


"Plastic rocks" create hotspots for microplastic release. 

The bow of a ship in the foreground and white sea ice in the background.

Three factors are amplifying heating in the northern Barents Sea


Warmer water from the south, less cooling in the north and less ice make life more difficult for Arctic marine species.

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HRH Crown Prince Haakon opened the climate conference


Watch the opening session here.

Man in boat holding a transparent chamber

Cod larvae were attracted by the noise from wind turbines


The cod larvae swam towards the noise. 

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"Climate change in the ocean has never been as relevant as it is today"


Climate researchers from almost 70 countries will meet in Bergen. They have lots to talk about.

Jan og lysing

This is how you catch a hake


It requires special effort to get to know the “cold water barracuda”. Our leading angling expert reveals the secrets of the Norwegian hake.

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''Power naps'' prevent early puberty in farmed salmon


Researchers have discovered the ideal length of day for smolts.

Minke whale jumping out of the water

Minke whales around Svalbard excrete 600 tonnes of poo each day


Whale faeces contain large quantities of nutrients that are important to the ocean ecosystem, according to a new study.


HRH Crown Prince Haakon opens climate conference in Bergen


In April, leading climate scientists will gather in Bergen to discuss how climate change is affecting the ocean.

makrell fangst med pumpe

A new way of measuring fish welfare in wild-capture fisheries


When excessive quantities of mackerel are crowded tightly together in the net, the fish experience poor welfare.

 MG 6928

Launching into an EU project to farm kelp and mussels at offshore wind farms


“As scientists, we have a responsibility not just to find problems, but also to solve them”, says Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, the CEO of the Institute of Marine Research.