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Topic: Dolphins

Many of the species of the dolphin family are similar to each other, also in behaviour, as for example the white-beaked dolphin and the Atlantic white-sided dolphin. They can be difficult to tell apart when you don't have them up close.

The white-beaked dolphin, which is by far the most common to see in our waters, is connected to shelf areas, while the Atlantic white-sided dolphin is most common towards the deep sea. These dolphins are widespread and make up in the order of 100 000 individuals in total in Norwegian waters.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins are characterized by the distinct yellow-white spot on the side that begins behind the dorsal fin and extends towards the tail fin. They are very sociable, occur often in large groups and like to make acrobatic movements.

With its 36 species, the dolphin family is the most species-rich group of marine mammals. The killer whale is the largest species in the dolphin family.