Kevin Glover

Telephone: 48040035
Department: Populasjonsgenetikk

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kevin A. Glover (BSc PhD)

Population Genetics Group leader
Professor in Genetics (Adjunct), University of Bergen
Handling Editor: Aquaculture Environment Interactions
DOB: 10.01.1975
Nationality: British (resident of Norway)
Status: Married with 3 children
Tlf. 480 40 035
I have a wide range of research interests which can be tentatively grouped into the four fields outlined below. Scientific papers associated with this work are detailed at the end of my CV.
• Marine population genetics and genomics. Using genetics and genomics tools to study variation within and among populations in time and space, and investigate the underlying ecological and evolutionary mechanisms at work. This involves investigations into a wide range of species, from copepods, to marine and anadromous fish, and marine mammals.
• Genetic interactions between domesticated escapees and wild populations. Using field, tank and laboratory studies, involving ecological, phenotypic and molecular genomic analyses, we have investigated the genetic differences between farmed and wild salmon, their interactions in the wild, and potential fitness consequences. I have also published a review paper on this subject.
• Fisheries forensics. I have played a central role in developing DNA methods to trace unreported farmed escapees back to their farms of origin which is currently used by the regulatory authorities in Norway, and also lead the Norwegian DNA register for minke whales (see below).
• Diverse/opportunistic. Based upon the broad infrastructure, topics and species I work on together with members of the group, other research groups at IMR, and external partners, a number of multidisciplinary and opportunistic studies have been published. I am always looking for good opportunities to use existing data, or connect up with ongoing studies, to generate new knowledge.

1999-2002 Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway, and the University of Stirling, Scotland
1993-1996 BSc (Hons) in Biological Science
The University of Reading, England.

2013-present Research Group leader for Population Genetics group at IMR.
2012-present Adjunct Professor in Genetics, Sea Lice Research Centre, University of Bergen.
2009-present 1183 Principal scientist, IMR.
2002-2009 Post Dr, 1109 and 1110 scientist positions at IMR.
I have been the leader for the population genetics group at IMR since 2013. The group has ~30 employees, including scientific and technical staff, as well as post Drs and PhD students. The group publishes ~30 scientific papers yearly and has won the IMR prize for best publication of the year in four of the past seven years. The research group is part of IMRs formal organizational structure and my position includes scientific, administrative and personal responsibility for all members of the group.
The below list (which is not complete) reflects some of the projects I manage. Past projects are not listed to save space, but include EU projects, National platform projects, Strategic Institute Projects, and the National Farmed Salmon Monitoring Program for Norway.
1. 2007 ongoing: The Norwegian minke whale genetic database. This is a DNA register over all captured minke whales under Norwegian commercial quota in the period 1996-present (~10 000 whales). This is possibly the only DNA register used to actively monitor trade and exploitation of a CITES listed species globally. Annual budget ca. 1.5mill Nok.
2. 2016-2019: WP leader in Quantescape II. This is a large national knowledge platform project including collaboration between several institutes looking into the genetic and ecological consequences of farmed salmon escapees. Total budget ca. 20 mill. Nok.
3. 2016-2017: Genetic background of domestication. This is a small project between the Marine Harvest and IMR looking into the genetics of domestication in Salmon.
4. 2015 ongoing: Scientific support to the National Monitoring Program for Farmed escapees. Project financed with resources from the Norwegian Department of Trade and Industry to look into genetic issues related to farmed escapees and their interactions with wild fish. Annual budget ca. 3.5 mill. Nok.
Two of the projects I currently manage (Minke whale DNA register and Scientific support to the National Monitoring Program for farmed escapees) have a direct connection to the legal authorities. We offer DNA analyses as a routine forensic service to support the Norwegian Directorate of fisheries and police. The analyses conducted within these projects have led to the successful prosecutions. Example of a press-release connected with such a case:
2013 – ongoing. Contributing editor of Aquaculture Environment Interactions.
2011 – 2013. Member of the official Norwegian delegation for the IWC.
2005 - ongoing. Annual lecturer for the MSc course: “Environmental impacts of aquaculture” at the University of Bergen. 3x double lectures on sea lice and genetic interactions.
2008. Lecturer for the course “Applying microsatellite techniques to aquatic systems”. Nordic Marine Academy held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology/Trondheim.
Supervision or co-supervision of PhD students = 5 (past), 2 (present), and Masters students = 1 (past) 1 (present).
I have 101 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals in the period 2001-2017. Of these, 47 were published 2014-2017. H-value 22 with 1649 total citations. Selected publications below:
Publications 2017 (accepted and in press)
1. Fjørtoft, H. B., Besnier, F., Stene, A., Nilsen, F., Bjørn, P. A., Tveten, A. K., Aspehaug, V., Glover, K. A. 2017. The Phe362Tyr mutation conveying resistance to organophosphates occurs in high frequencies in salmon lice collected from wild salmon and sea trout. Scientific Reports. Accepted.
2. Halttunen, E., Gjelland, K. Ø., Glover, K. A., Johnsen, I. A. Serra-Llinares, R. M., Skaala, Ø., Nilsen, R., Bjørn, P. A., Finstad, B., Skilbrei, O. T. 2017. Migration of Atlantic salmon post-smolts in a fjord with a high infestation pressure of salmon lice. Marine Ecology Progress Series accepted.
3. Kaur, K., Besnier, F., Glover, K. A., Nilsen, F., Aspehaug, V. T., Fjørtoft, H. B., Horsberg, T. E. 2017. The mechanism (Phe362Tyr mutation) behind organophosphate resistance in Lepeophtheirus salmonis existed prior to its use in salmon farming. Scientific Reports. Accepted.
4. Glover, K. A., Hansen, T., Besnier, F., Solberg, M. F., Fjelldal, P. G., Dalvin, S., Nilsen, F. 2017. Cloned and outbred Atlantic salmon display equal parasite dispersion when infected with the salmon louse. Aquaculture early online.
5. Harvey, A., Tang, Y., Wennevik, V., Skaala, Ø., Glover, K. A. 2017. Timing is everything: fishing-season placement may represent the most important angling-induced evolutionary pressure on Atlantic salmon populations. Ecology and Evolution. Accepted.
6. Reimer, T., Dempster, T., Wargelius, A., Fjelldal, P. G. Hansen, T., Glover, K. A., Solberg, M. F., Swearer, M. E. 2017. Rapid growth causes abnormal vaterite formation in farmed fish otoliths. Journal of Experimental Biology Accepted.
7. Harvey, A., Fjelldal, P. G., Solberg, M. F. Hansen, T., Glover, K. A. 2017. Ploidy elicits a whole-genome dosage effect: growth of triploid Atlantic salmon is linked to the genetic origin of the second maternal chromosome set. Bmc Genetics 18: 34.
8. Jansson, E., Quintela, M., Dahle, G., Albretsen, J., Knutsen, H., Andre, C., Strand, Å., Mortensen, S., Taggart, J. B., Karlsbakk, E., Kvamme, B. O., Glover, K. A. 2017. Genetic analysis of goldsinny wrasse reveals evolutionary insights into population connectivity and potential evidence of inadvertent translocation via aquaculture. ICES Journal of Marine Science. In press.
9. Malde, K. Seliussen, B. B., Dahle, G., Quintela, M., Besnier, F., Skaug, H. J., Solvang, H., Haug, T., Skern-Mauritzen R., Kanda, N., Pastene, L. A., Jonassen, I., Glover, K. A. 2017. Whole genome resequencing reveals diagnostic markers for investigating global migration and hybridization between minke whale species. Bmc Genomics 18:76.
10. Madhun, A. S., Wennevik, V., Skilbrei, O. T., Karlsbakk, E., Skaala, Ø., Fiksdal, I. U., Meier, S., Tang, Y., Glover, K. A. 2017. The ecological profile of Atlantic salmon escapees entering a river through an entire season: diverse in escape history and genetic background, but frequently virus-infected. Ices Journal of Marine Science in press.
11. Glover, K. A., Solberg, M. F., McGinnity, P., Hindar, K., Verspoor, E., Coulson, M., W., Hansen, M. M., Araki, H., Skaala, Ø., Svåsand, T. 2017. Half a centuary of interaction between farmed and wild Atlantic salmon: summary of knowledge and unanswered questions. Fish and Fisheries early online:
12. Ljungfeldt, L., Quintela, M., Besnier, F., Nilsen, F., Glover, K. A. 2017.  A pedigree-based study with the salmon louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis  reveals variation in salinity and thermal tolerance. Evolutionary Applications. Accepted.
Publications 2016
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