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The Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMD)

Morgenstemning Grimstad Foto Øystein Paulsen

The Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMD) at the Institute of Marine Research was established as a national data centre dedicated to the professional processing and long-term storage of marine environmental and fisheries data and production of data products.

NMD maintains the largest collection of marine environmental and fisheries data in Norway.

Its most important task are: 

Focus areas

  • Task at the Norwegian Marine Data Center (NMD) can be divided into three areas of activity: Operational data management, Production of data products and data storage: 

  • Operational data management: 

  • Operational research data 
  • Continous data/time series 
  • General information (information about the cruise)
  • software development 


Manufacturing of computer products

  • Reference data (metadata)
  • prepare national and international standards and guidelines 
  • participate in international networks and reaserch projects 
  • Norway digital 


Data storage

  • Organize, quality control and process reaserch data 
  • Entering data into the institue`s research databases 
  • Data disclosure 
  • Funtion as a data center 



The Norwegian Data Center (NMD) serves as an operational service and competence center for professional handling of marine data and data products 


NMD shall: 

  • Provide and visualize data products for Norwegian marine research and their international partners 
  • Further develop effective and secure routines for the storage, quility assurance, search and dissemination of marine data 
  • Be a hub for information regarding marine data