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Rapport fra Havforskningen 2020-8

Monitoring bycatches in Norwegian fisheries

Tom Clegg and Tom Williams (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2020-2

Mapping of Fish Spawning in the North Sea; Report of the “KINO-2” Project for 2019

Alejandro Mateos Rivera, Bahar Mozfar, Rasmus Skern, Geir Dahle, Henning Wehde, Lisbeth Kleppe, Svein Sundby, Anders Thorsen, Lars Asplin, Stamatina Isari and Bjørn Krafft
Fisken og havet 2019-6

StoX applied to cod and haddock data from the Barents Sea NOR-RUS ecosystem cruise in autumn

Edda Johannesen, Espen Johnsen, Geir Odd Johansen and Knut Korsbrekke (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-42

Seamounts in the OSPAR maritime area

Tina Kutti, Kristin Windsland, Cecilie Thorsen Broms, Tone Falkenhaug, Martin Biuw, Trude Hauge Thangstad and Odd Aksel Bergstad (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-44

Monitoring program for pharmaceuticals, illegal substances, and contaminants in farmed fish

Rita Hannisdal, Annette Bernhard, Ole Jakob Nøstbakken, Bjørn Tore Lunestad, Livar Frøyland and Lise Madsen (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-43

Assessment of commitments on sustainable fisheries to the Our Ocean conferences

Geir Huse, Harald Loeng, Åsmund Bjordal, Reidar Toresen and Kari Østervold Toft (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-34

Feasibility study on the use of scientific multibeam sonar to characterize the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna spawning stock

Maria Tenningen, Hector Pena, Rolf Korneliussen, Egil Ona (IMR) and Vicent Puig Pons (Polytechnic University of Valencia)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-21

Report from a krill focused survey with RV Kronprins Haakon and land-based predator work in Antarctica during 2018/2019

Bjørn Krafft, Kjell Bakkeplass, Terje Berge, Martin Biuw, Julio Erices, Elizabeth Jones, Tor Knutsen, Rokas Kubilius, Merete Kvalsund, Ulf Lindstrøm, Gavin John Macaulay, Angelika Renner, Alina Rey, Rasmus Skern, Henrik Søiland, Rupert Wienerroither (IMR), Heidi Ahonen (HI), Jade Goto (UiB), Nils Hoem (Aker Biomarine AS), Magdelena Huerta (IDEAL), Juan Höfer (Inach), Oda Iden (IMR), William Jouanneau (CNRS), Lucas Kruger (Inach), Håvard Liholt (UiO), Andy Lowther (NPI), Azwianewi Makhado (DEA), Mireia Mestre (Inach), Audun Narvestad (NPI), Chris Oosthuisen (Uni Pretoria), Jose Rodrigues (Inach) and Rune Øyerhamn (NORCE)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-17

The surveillance and control programme for bonamiosis and marteiliosis in European flat oysters, Ostrea edulis, and blue mussels, Mytilus sp. in Norway in 2018

Stein Mortensen, Cecilie Skår, Lisbeth Sælemyr, Mats Bøgwald and Anders Jelmert (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-4

Summary and status of deep lights and deep feed use in commercial settings: welfare, behaviour and infestation at three case study sites

Samantha Bui, Frode Oppedal, Jonatan Nilsson, Tina Marie Weier Oldham and Lars Helge Stien (IMR)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-3

The Well – Mixing skirt and freshwater lens concepts with smart-lighting and -feeding to enhance lice prevention and safeguard fish welfare

Daniel William Wright, Lars Helge Stien, Frode Oppedal (IMR), Michael Sievers (Institute of Marine Research), Ellen Ditria (Institute of Marine Research), Henrik Trengereid (Mowi and formerly Marine Harvest)
Rapport fra Havforskningen 2019-2

Mapping of fish spawning in the North Sea

Alejandro Mateos Rivera, Bahar Mozfar, Rasmus Skern, Geir Dahle, Henning Wehde, Lisbeth Kleppe, Svein Sundby, Anders Thorsen, Bjørghild Breistein Seliussen, Lars Asplin, Gaston Ezequiel Aguirre, Stamatina Isari and Bjørn Krafft (IMR)