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Prosjekt: ERA

ERA lite.JPG
Periode 01. januar 2014 - 31. desember 2020
Partnere Norges geologiske undersøkelse (NGU), Uni Research AS, University of Melbourne, University of Southern Denmark, CNRS, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada).
Prosjektet ledes av Nigel Brian Keeley, IMR
Nettside https://era.hi.no/

Environmental responses to organic and inorganic effluents from fin-fish Aquaculture (ERA). 

This strategic initiative (SI) address the potential impact of organic and inorganic effluents from large fish farms on coastal ecosystems. 

The main objectives were to increase competence by developing scientific knowledge and tools, and to modify and validate existing models to provide better tools for predicting the dispersion of aquaculture effluents and the responses of flora and fauna in the coastal zone.