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Nr: 2: Condition monitoring in the water column 2008:Oil hydrocarbons in fish from Norwegian waters


The objectives for this study have been:
1. Measure NPD/PAH in haddock liver from the Egersund Bank, the Halten Bank andthe Barents Sea.
2. Determine to what extent fish from the oil installation areas at Tampen and the Halten Bank contain elevated levels of petroleum hydrocarbons compared with fish from reference areas at the Egersund Bank and in the Barents Sea by measurements of metabolites of PAH and alkylphenols in bile of haddock, saithe and long rough dab.
3. Measure vitellogenin levels in blood from male cod from the Egersund Bank, Tampen, the Halten Bank and the Barents Sea.
4. Study possible genotoxic effects in fish from Tampen compared with fish from the Egersund Bank/Ling Bank by measurements of hepatic DNA adducts.
5. Perform gonad histology on haddock and long rough dab to study whether differences can be observed between fish caught at Tampen compared with fish caught at the Egersund Bank and the Barents Sea.