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Carey Donald

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Avdeling: Marin toksikologi

Curriculum Vitae

I have experience in analysis of organic pollutants. The focus of my PhD research was in developing techniques in passive sampling technology. Target chemicals included PAHs, PCBs, pesticides, flame retardants, and volatile compounds found in air, freshwater, soil, and in personal environments.




New MS methods for identification of PAH-DNA adducts

Carey Donald, Sonnich Meier, Daniela Maria Pampanin, Bjørn Einar Grøsvik, Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen, Marc Berntssen, Sylvain Alain Yves Merel, Jérémie Le Goff, Raphaël Delèpèe

Passive Dosing for Determining the Toxicity of Alkyl-Phenanthrenes to Early Life Stages of Haddock

Charlotte Langeland Nakken, Carey Donald, Elin Sørhus, Prescilla Perrichon, Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen, Philipp Mayer, John P. Incardona, Sonnich Meier

Biological effects in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) exposed to crude oil with and without UV radiation.

Zhanna Tairova, Mette Helen Bjørge Müller, Sonnich Meier, Kai Kristoffer Lie, Lars Myklatun, Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald, Caroline Durif, Steven Shema, Howard Browman, Jan Ludvig Lyche, Anders Goksøyr

Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Differential developmental toxicity of crude oil in early life stages of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)

Prescilla Perrichon, Carey Donald, Elin Sørhus, Torstein Harboe, Sonnich Meier
Science of the Total Environment

Untangling mechanisms of crude oil toxicity: Linking gene expression, morphology and PAHs at two developmental stages in a cold-water fish

Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald, Denis Da Silva, Anders Thorsen, Ørjan Karlsen, Sonnich Meier
Science of the Total Environment 757

DNA damage and health effects in juvenile haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) exposed to PAHs associated with oil-polluted sediment or produced water

Sonnich Meier, Ørjan Karlsen, Jérémie Le Goff, Lisbet Sørensen, Elin Sørhus, Daniela Maria Pampanin, Carey Donald, Per Gunnar Fjelldal, Evgenia Dunaevskaya, Marta Romano, Ilaria Caliani, Silvia Casini, André Sture Bogevik, Pål Asgeir Olsvik, Mark Myers, Bjørn Einar Grøsvik

Expression and localization of the aryl hydrocarbon receptors and cytochrome P450 1A during early development of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Libe Aranguren Abadía, Carey Donald, Mariann Eilertsen, Naouel Gharbi, Valentina Tronci, Elin Sørhus, Philipp Mayer, Tom Ole Nilsen, Sonnich Meier, Anders Goksøyr, Odd Andre Karlsen
Aquatic Toxicology 226

Embryonic crude oil exposure impairs growth and lipid allocation in a keystone Arctic forage fish

Benjamin J. Laurel, Louise Copeman, Paul Iseri, Mari Spencer, Greg Hutchinson, Trond Nordtug, Carey Donald, Sonnich Meier, Sarah Allan, Daryle Boyd, Gina Ylitalo, James Cameron, Babara French, Tiffany Linbo, Nathaniel Scholz, John P. Incardona
iScience 19 p. 1101-1113

Accumulation and toxicity of monoaromatic petroleum hydrocarbons in early life stages of cod and haddock

Lisbet Sørensen, Bjørn Henrik Hansen, Julia Farkas, Carey E Donald, William J. Robson, Andrew Tonkin, Sonnich Meier, Steven J Rowland
Environmental Pollution (1987) 251 p. 212-220

Artificial turf: chemical flux and development of silicone wristband partitioning coefficients

Carey E Donald, Richard P Scott, Glenn Wilson, Peter D Hoffman, Kim A Anderson
Air quality, atmosphere and health 12 p. 597-611

Assessing soil-air partitioning of PAHs and PCBs with a new fugacity passive sampler

Carey E.Donald, and Kim A.Anderson
Science of the Total Environment 596-597

Preparation and performance features of wristband samplers and considerations for chemical exposure assessment.

Anderson, KA, G. Points, III, CE Donald, HM Dixon, RP Scott, G Wilson, LG Tidwell, P Hoffman, J Herbstman, and SG O’Connell.
Journal of exposure science & environmental epidemiology 27 p. 551-559

Transport stability of pesticides and PAHs sequestered in polyethylene passive sampling devices

Carey E. Donald, Marc R. Elie, Brian W. Smith, Peter D. Hoffman, Kim A. Anderson
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23

Emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from natural gas extraction into air

Paulik, LB, CE Donald, BW Smith, LG Tidwell, KA Hobbie, L Kincl, EN Haynes, and KA Anderson
Environmental Science & Technology 50

Silicone wristbands detect individuals’ pesticide exposure in West Africa

Donald, CE, RP Scott, K Blaustein, ML Halbleib, M Sarr, PC Jepson, and KA Anderson
Royal Society Open Science 3

Faglige foredrag


Crude oil toxicity in fish early life-stages: effect-directed analysis reveals strong mixture effects

Carey Donald, Elin Sørhus, Charlotte Langeland Nakken, Prescilla Perrichon, Lisbet Sørensen, Bjørn Henrik Hansen, Sonnich Meier

What really causes oil toxicity in fish?

Donald, Carey

Quantification of metabolites of alkyl-PAHs

Carey Donald, Elin Sørhus, Lisbet Sørensen, Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen, Steven Rowland, John P. Incardona, Sonnich Meier, Denis Da Silva

Unravelling direct and indirect effects of oil exposure on gene expression in relation to developmental abnormalities

Elin Sørhus, Sonnich Meier, Carey Donald, John P. Incardona, Denis Da Silva

Does a deficiency in lipid mobilization influence developmental and cardiac toxicity in fish larvae after crude oil exposure?

Prescilla Perrichon, Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald, John P. Incardona, Torstein Harboe, Sonnich Meier

Differential uptake and toxicity of alkyl-phenanthrenes in early life-stage haddock

Carey Donald, Charlotte Langeland Nakken, Elin Sørhus, Prescilla Perrichon, Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen, Philipp Mayer, John P. Incardona, Sonnich Meier

The response of a boreal deep-sea sponge holobiont to an acute crude oil exposure: a mesocosm experiment

Elise Otnes, Chloé Stévenne, Carey Donald, Bryan Wilson, Jean-Christophe Plumier, Svein Are Mjøs, Sonnich Meier, Raymond Bannister

Persistent derangement of larval-juvenile lipid metabolism and growth following transient embryonic oil exposure in Polar cod

John Incardona, Tiffany Linbo, Nathaniel Scholz, Gina Ylitalo, Ben Laurel, Paul Iseri, Louise Copeman, Trond Nordtug, Sonnich Meier, Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald

Lipid, growth and 1st year survival impacts in Polar cod (Boreogadus saida) following embryonic oil exposure to Alaskan and Norwegian oil

Benjamin J. Laurel, Louise Copeman, John P. Incardona, Tiffany Linbo, Nathaniel Scholz, Gina Ylitalo, Paul Iseri, Trond Nordtug, Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald, Sarah Allan, Mara Spencer, Sonnich Meier

Marine fiske egg er meget følsomme for olje forurensning

Sonnich Meier, Elin Sørhus, Carey Donald, Prescilla Perrichon, Benjamin J. Laurel, Bjørn Henrik Hansen, Louise Copeman, Anders Thorsen, Lisbet Sørensen, Zhanna Tairova, Mette Helen Bjørge Müller, Lars Myklatun, Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen, Caroline Durif, Steven Shema, Howard Browman, John P. Incardona
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