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David Cervantes

Telefon: 45973895
Avdeling: Bærekraftig utvikling

Curriculum Vitae

I joined the Sustainable Development research group in 2017 as a chemical oceanographic technician and since then have taken responsibility for the management and work being performed in the CTD water chemistry lab on board RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen to support capacity development and high quality data collection alongside our partner countries of the EAF-Nansen Programme. My responsibilities include performing and training expedition participants on chemical, physical and meteorological analyses and sampling procedures for various parameters such as pH, total alkalinity, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen, salinity, nutrients, ocean currents and weather observations. I am also involved in writing analytical protocols, testing new methods and instrumentation, improving data processing, quality assurance, producing survey reports, installing and maintaining instruments and attempting to create an at sea environment where participants are able to take advantage and learn from the resources that are available from our joint cooperation.
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