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Curriculum Vitae

Earlier in my career, I focused on how individual variation gets ramped up to population dynamics and to evolutionary processes. Does individual variation matter or does it get averaged out once it gets scaled up to population levels or to evolutionary timescales? What is the relationship between variation and adaptation? The role of selection in the reproductive isolation of natural populations has been widely debated and some studies suggest that this evolutionary force can produce the kind of isolation that separates species in the wild. Most of my research activity was focused on the evolution in natural populations of salmonids and the exploration of the evolutionary and genetic processes that shape population structure and speciation of the Salmo genus. Generated knowledge greatly impacted broodstock management at the species southern limit distribution range.

Modern Population Genetics connected me experimentally to Molecular Genetics allowing me to investigate polymorphisms distribution at a molecular level. With the last advances in Genomics my present research interest has directed towards understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the maintenance and adaptive value of polymorphisms and its applications to the farming industry. My work at the University of Turku (Finland) focused on whole genome methylation patterns in sex chromosomes. The understanding on epigenetic processes that modulate gen dose and sex-specific gene expression will benefit further research lines involving triploid production or sterility genes in salmon. Later on, my work at The Institute of Marine Research - IMR (Norway) unravelled the genetic basis behind age at maturity in Atlantic salmon, generating the basis for several follow-up projects in my current research group. Likewise, the developed and implemented bioinformatic and statistical tools have set a standard for the group’s future publications. I also anticipate that these findings will impact the salmon farming industry by reducing the losses generated by early puberty in salmon.

Stepping up in the functional implications of the genetic variability, I am also involved in the implementation of state of the art gene editing technologies in order to elucidate the function of relevant genes. We are currently using CRISPR-Cas9 technology to induce genetic modifications through homology-directed repair in salmon embryos. This will improve the frequency of precise gene modifications and extent our knowledge in the function of genes related to aquaculture relevant traits. Other relevant projects I take part on include the production of Atlantic salmon double haploid males and the genetics basis of carotenoids metabolism that will ultimately benefit fish farming industry.

I gather a strong background in modern Genetics coming from almost twenty years experience in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Genomics, Heavy-duty Bioinformatics as well as RNA and Gene expression studies. All my research has been published in peer reviewed international journals within the first quartile of multidisciplinary fields. I also have a proven expertise in multidisciplinary international projects as well as in continued collaboration with a wide variety of international researchers. Since I arrive to IMR, my multidisciplinary background, international profile and communication skills have served as pivot for collaboration not only with other scientists from my research group, but also with different groups and institutions.


Faglige foredrag


Genome resequencing of geographically distinct Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) populations reveals adaptive divergence

Rolf Edvardsen, Erik Nordtorp Kjærner-Semb, Fernando Ayllon, Tomasz Furmanek, Vidar Wennevik, Geir Dahle, Eero Niemelä, Mikhail Ozerov, Juha-Pekka Vähä, Kevin Glover, Carl Johan Rubin, Anna Wargelius

Adaptive plasticity in Atlantic salmon- genetic predisposition of time at maturity and environmental triggers

Rolf Edvardsen, Erik Nordtorp Kjærner-Semb, Fernando Ayllon, Tomasz Furmanek, Tom Johnny Hansen, Per Gunnar Fjelldal, Carl Johan Rubin, Lene Kleppe, Kai Ove Skaftnesmo, Elin Sørhus, Faezeh Mohammadi, Geir Dahle, Vidar Wennevik, Monica Favnebøe Solberg, Kevin Glover, Birgitta Norberg, Geir Lasse Taranger, Eva Andersson, Rüdiger W. Schulz, Anna Wargelius

Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Vgll3 and the Hippo pathway are regulated in Sertoli cells upon entry and during puberty in Atlantic salmon testis

Erik Nordtorp Kjærner-Semb, Fernando Ayllon, Lene Kleppe, Elin Sørhus, Kai Ove Skaftnesmo, Tomasz Furmanek, Frida Thyri Segafredo, Anders Thorsen, Per Gunnar Fjelldal, Tom Johnny Hansen, Geir Lasse Taranger, Eva Andersson, Rüdiger W. Schulz, Anna Wargelius, Rolf Edvardsen
Scientific Reports 8:1912 p. 1-11

Atlantic salmon populations reveal adaptive divergence of immune related genes - A duplicated genome under selection

Erik Nordtorp Kjærner-Semb, Fernando Ayllon, Tomasz Furmanek, Vidar Wennevik, Geir Dahle, Eero Niemelä, Mikhail Ozerov, Juha-Pekka Vähä, Kevin Glover, Carl J. Rubin, Anna Wargelius, Rolf Edvardsen
BMC Genomics 17:610 p. 1-12

The vgll3 Locus Controls Age at Maturity in Wild and Domesticated Atlantic Salmon(Salmo salar L.) Males

Fernando Ayllon, Erik Nordtorp Kjærner-Semb, Tomasz Furmanek, Vidar Wennevik, Monica Favnebøe Solberg, Geir Dahle, Geir Lasse Taranger, Kevin Glover, Markus Sällman Almén, Carl J. Rubin, Rolf Edvardsen, Anna Wargelius
PLoS Genetics 11:e1005628

Impact of habitat fragmentation on the genetics of populations in dendritic landscapes

Horreo JL, Martinez JL, Ayllon F, Pola IG, Monteoliva JA, Heland M, Garcia-Vazquez E
Freshwater Biology 56 p. 2567-2579

Impact of climate change and human-mediated introgression on southern European Atlantic salmon populations

Horreo JL, Machado-Schiaffino G, Ayllon F, Griffiths AM, Bright D, Stevens JR, Garcia-Vazquez E
Global Change Biology 17 p. 1778-1787

Interspecific Hybridization, a Matter of Pioneering? Insights from Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout.

Horreo JL, Ayllon F, Perez J, Beall E, Garcia-Vazquez E
Journal of Heredity 102 p. 237- 242

Not all lineages are equally invasive: Genetic origin and life-history in salmonids acclimated to the Southern Hemisphere

America G Valiente, Fernando Ayllon, Pablo Nuñez, Francis Juanes, Eva Garcia-Vazquez
Biological Invasions 12 p. 3485-3495

Interspecific hybridization and introgression are associated with stock transfers in salmonids

Castillo AGF, Ayllon F, Moran P, Izquierdo JI, Martinez JL, Beall E, Garcia-Vazquez E
Aquaculture 278 p. 31-36

Introgression in the genus Salmo via allotriploids

Castillo AGF, Beall E, Moran P, Martinez JL, Ayllon F, Garcia-Vazquez E
Molecular Ecology 16 p. 1741-1748

Rapid evolution of brown trout acclimated in virgin Subantarctic ecosystems

Ayllon, F.,Davaine, P., Beall, E., Garcia-Vazquez, E
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19 p. 1352-1358

Genetic history of the population of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., under restoration in the Connecticut River, USA

Ayllon, F., Juanes, F., Gephard, S., and Garcia-Vazquez, E
ICES Journal of Marine Sciences 63 p. 1269-1273

Loss of regional population structure in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., following stocking

Ayllon, F., Martinez, J. L., Garcia-Vazquez, E
ICES Journal of Marine Sciences 63 p. 1286-1289

Maintenance of a small anadromous subpopulation of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) by straying

Ayllon, F, Moran, P, Garcia-Vazquez, E
Freshwater Biology 51 p. 351-358

Stock transfers in Spanish Brown trout populations: A long-term assessment

Izquierdo JI, Castillo AGF, Ayllon F, De la Hoz J, Garcia-Vazquez E
Environmental Biology of Fishes 75 p. 153- 157

Bottlenecks and genetic changes in Atlantic salmon stocks introduced in the Subantarctic Kerguelen Islands

Ayllon F, Davaine P, Beall E, Martinez JL, Garcia-Vazquez E.
Aquaculture 237 p. 103-116

Asymmetry of post-F1 interspecific barriers in salmonids

Garcia-Vazquez E, Perez J, Ayllon F, Martinez JL, Glise S, Beall E
Aquaculture 234 p. 77-84

Interspecific hybridization between Atlantic salmon and brown trout introduced in the Subantarctic Kerguelen Islands

Ayllon F, Martinez JL, Davaine P, Beall E, Garcia-Vazquez E
Aquaculture 230 p. 81-88

Micronucleus Test in Freshwater Fish Species. An Evaluation of its Sensitivity for Application in Field Surveys

Rodriguez-Cea A, Ayllon F, Garcia-Vazquez E
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Reproduction of interspecific hybrids of Atlantic salmon and brown trout in a stream environment

Garcia-Vazquez E, Ayllon F, Martinez JL, Perez J, Beall E
Freshwater Biology 48 p. 1100- 1104

Assessing pollution in coastal ecosystems: a preliminary survey using the micronucleus test in the mussel Mytilus edulis

Izquierdo JI, Machado G, Ayllon F, d’Amico V, Bala LO, Vallarino E, Elias R, Garcia-Vazquez E.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 55 p. 24-29

Induction of micronuclei in eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) by heavy metals

Sanchez-Galan S., Linde A. R., Ayllon F., Garcia-Vazquez E
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 49 p. 139-143

Micronuclei and other nuclear lesions as genotoxicity indicators in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

Ayllon F, Garcia-Vazquez E
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 49 p. 221-225

Conventional armament wastes induce micronuclei in wild brown trout Salmo trutta

Ayllon F., Suciu R., Gephard S., Juanes F., Garcia-Vazquez E
Mutation Research 70 p. 169-176

Induction of micronuclei and other nuclear abnormalities in European minnow Phoxinus phoxinus and mollie Poecilia latipinna: an assessment of the fish micronucleus test

Ayllon F., Garcia-Vazquez E
Mutation Research 467 p. 177-186

Baby´s Formula Feeding Labeling Analysis: Macronutrient Ratio Study

Fernandez,S., González, C., Ayllón, F., Díaz, S., Ortiz, L., Patterson, A.M.
Nutrición Clínica (peer reviewed - Spanish) XVI/215 #6 p. 19-27

Annet tidsskriftbidrag

American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting (Peer reviewed congress contribution)

Changes in genetic diversity following enhancement of wild populations at the southern limit of Atlantic salmon distribution

Fernando Ayllon, Moran, Paloma, Juanes, Francis, Gephard, Steve, Martinez, Jose-Luis, Perez, Juliana, Garcia-Vazquez, Eva
American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 133 p. 118



Genética - Novena edición (Introduction to Genetics Analysis 9th Edition)

Anthony J. F. Griffiths, Susan R. Wessler, Richard C. Lewontin, Sean B. Carroll
McGraw- Hill/Interamericana de España, S.A.U. ISBN 978-84-481-6091-3
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