Florian Sambraus

Telefon: 91918319


Diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon - following commercial productions and carrying out experiments in tanks and seacages.

Main focus:

  • Growth performance and feeding
  • Fish welfare and diseases
  • Fish physiology and maturation
  • Behaviour
  • Adjusted diets for triploid salmon
  • Environmental conditions (temperature and oxygen)

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2017      Postdoc on the commercial production of diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon, IMR Matre, Norway

2016                PhD on production bottlenecks in triploid Atlantic salmon, IMR Matre and the University of Bergen, Norway

2011                MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland

2010                BSc in Environmental Science and Agriculture, Chrstian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany



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