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Ines Dias Bernardes

Telefon: 45683294


EAF-Nansen project, taking part in surveys onboard Dr. Fridtjof Nansen as with data management.

Curriculum Vitae

2010 (ongoing)

Technician: Systematization and organization of Nansen Programme data; participation in cruises onboard the RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen.


Trainee (Msc thesis field work): Study the Nile perch spatial distribution, in the Southern region of Lake Victoria, using acoustic methods

Technician (Part-time position): Sort and doing preliminary taxonomic classification of benthic fauna samples (MAREANO Project).


Whale watching guide:Provide relevant information regarding sea life, namely cetaceans, and their role in the Azores archipelago; advisement regarding the conduct towards cetaceans; registration of information related cetaceans’ observation


Aquaculture technician (summer job)

Trainne in Austevoll Research Station and Flødevigen Marine Research Station under the Leonardo Da Vinci exchange program. Participation in several research projects (kelp monitoring and aquaculture)


Trainee (field work for Graduation thesis): Study of the ecology and laboratory cultivation of the red algae Gracilaria sp., focusing its utilization on integrated aquaculture


01/09/2008 – 12/08/2010
Master degree in Fisheries Biology and Management
University of Bergen, Norway

15/09/2005 – 07/09/2006
Graduation in Marine Biology and Biotechnology (Licenciatura)
ESTM – Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal

01/10/2002 – 23/12/2005
Bachelor in Marine Biology and Biotechnology (Bacharelato)
ESTM – Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)

Rapporter og avhandlinger


Survey of the Fish Resources of Angola: Survey of the pelagic fish resources, 16 June – 17 July 2014

Knut Korsbrekke, Ines Dias Bernardes, António Barradas, Marisa Macuéria

Metadata Report on Cruises conducted with R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen 1993 - 2011

Ines Dias Bernardes, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Oddgeir Berg Alvheim, Hans Erstad

BCC Cruise Report No 1/2013: A Transboundary Study of the pelagic fish stocks of Southern Angola and Nothern Namibia, 18 July – 02 August 2013

Knut Korsbrekke, Ines Dias Bernardes, Aristóteles P. da S. Amaro, Bomba Bazica Sangolay, Moses Kalola

CCLME North West Africa Ecosystem Survey: Guinea - Morocco, 05 May – 22 July 2012

Jens-Otto Krakstad, Kathrine Michalsen, Åge Sigurd Høines, Oddgeir Berg Alvheim, Diana Zaera-Perez, Magne Olsen, Ines Dias Bernardes, Espen Bagøien, Bjørn Arne Krafft, Ana Ramos, Eva García-Isarch, Eli Muñoz, Fran Ramil, Paul Robinson

Spatial distribution of Nile perch using acoustic methods

Bernardes, I. D.
(Nei) p. 140
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