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Kjersti Lie Gabrielsen

Telefon: 91563533
Avdeling: Marbank


Head of Marbank.
Marbank is a national marine biobank located at the Institute of Marine Research in Tromsø, Norway. The marine biobank is established in close cooperation with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. Marbank is responsible for collecting, preserving and cataloguing marine organisms from Norwegian waters, and especially from Arctic areas, for research and exploitation purposes. The mission of Marbank is to provide an easy accessible repository of marine biological samples for R&D institutions and industry that search for novel compounds and commercially interesting processes in marine organisms. In addition to the collection in Tromsø, Marbank is coordinating the establishment of a national network of marine collections in Norway. www.marbank.no

Curriculum Vitae

Expert within biobanking and various areas of applied chemistry and biochemistry. Competence within biology, business development and national and international regulations of marine genetic resources. Previous work experience as manager of a commercial chemical laboratory and consultancy. Previous experiences also include administrating a consortium of academic and industrial partners in a centre for research based innovation on marine bioactives and drug discovery.

Positions held:
2012- present: Head of Marbank, Institute of Marine Research
2003-2012: Project Manager Marbank, University of Tromsø
2007-2009: Head of Administration MabCent-SFI, part-time position
1989-2003: Manager Unilab Analyse AS

2008–2010: MBA courses, Economic Management and Strategy,
University of Tromsø
2004: Board Competence, Norwegian Business School
1988-1990: Cand. scient., organic chemistry, University of Tromsø
1984-1988: Cand. mag., chemistry/biology, University of Tromsø

Board/advisory board positions:
2015- present: Member of the board, Arctic Biodiscovery Centre, Tromsø
2012- present: Member of Advisory Panel of Policy and Legal Experts, PharmaSea,  EU FP7 Project

2010-2012: Member of the Steering Committee, BioTech North, Tromsø
2007-2012: Member of the board, Norinnova Invest AS, Tromsø
2008-2010: Member of the board, NIFES, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Bergen
2006-2010: Chairman of the board, Nordnorsk Lederutvikling, Bodø
2002-2006: Member of the board, Nordnorsk Lederutvikling, Bodø


Annet tidsskriftbidrag


Marbank - A biobank of arctic marine organisms

Gabrielsen, kjersti lie
Planta Medica 78 p. 1290-1290



Marbank - a respository for marine organisms

kjersti lie Gabrielsen, Robert Andre Johansen, sten richard Birkely

MabCent - a Centre for Research-based Innovation on Arctic Marine Bioactives and Drug Discovery

Espen Hansen, Jeanette hammer Andersen, kjersti lie Gabrielsen, Trond Ø. Jørgensen
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