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Stamatina Isari

IMG 20141127 WA0000
Telefon: 48210636
Avdeling: Plankton

Senior Research Scientist (Forsker 1183)

Plankton Research Group

Nordnesgaten 50, 5005 Bergen, Norway



My research lies within the field of zooplankton and larval fish taxonomy and ecology. The study of key environmental factors governing mesozooplankton and fish larvae community structure has been one of my major research lines. My expertise in taxonomy and biological-physical coupling were initially developed through my research in the Mediterranean ecosystems using traditional taxonomic criteria. From 2015-2018, my research was extended to the Red Sea environment and incorporated the application of molecular techniques for species identification and biodiversity assessment.

I have additionally developed a parallel multi-year engagement in zooplankton eco-physiological studies, aiming to better understand the organismal responses to environmental parameters/stressors, the “bottom up” processes and overall trophic interactions in the planktonic food web. I have explored interactions between different trophic levels (phytoplankton, microzooplankton, mesozooplankton) aiming to gain a broad and in-depth understanding of the structure and function of marine planktonic environments. 

Currently, I am the IMR focal point for the Plankton research in the EAF-NANSEN project (Supporting the application of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management considering climate and pollution impacts). 



  • Zooplankton and larval fish taxonomy
  • Ecology of marine mesozooplankton and fish larvae
  • Structure and functioning of the planktonic food web in the marine environment
  • Zooplankton ecophysiology
  • Impact of global climate change on planktonic communities
  • Feeding of zooplanktivorous small pelagic fish

Curriculum Vitae


2004-2008: PhD in Biology, University of Patras, Greece (Thesis: Mesozooplankton and ichthyoplankton spatiotemporal distribution patterns in the N.E. Aegean Sea in relation to abiotic and biotic variables)

2000-2002: MSc in Environmental Biology and Management of Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments, University of Patras, Greece (Thesis: Mesozooplankton study in Ionian Sea and coastal waters of central Greece – Development of a digital identification key for mesozooplankton)

1996-2000: BSc in Biology, University of Patras, Greece (Thesis: Study of the zooplankton community of Koutavos lagoon and comparison with other lagoon ecosystems of western Greece)



2018 – present:  Senior Research Scientist (Forsker 1183), Plakton Group, IMR Bergen

2015 – 2018:  Research Scientist, Red Sea Research Center (RSRC-KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2014 – 2015: Post-doctoral researcher, Hellenic Centre for Marine (HCMR), Institute of Oceanography, Athens, Greece

2009 – 2014:  Post-doctoral researcher, Institute of Marine Sciences-CSIC (ICM-CSIC), Department of Marine Biology & Oceanography, Barcelona, Spain

2008 – 2009:  Post-doctoral researcher, HCMR, Institute of Marine Biological Resources, Crete, Greece



Tiedemann M., Ndour I., Ngom Sow F., Bagøien E., Krakstad J. O., Ostrowski M., Stenevik E. K., Ensrud T., Isari S. (2022)  Asynchronized spawning responses of small pelagic fishes to a short term environmentalchange. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., Vol. 696, 85–102, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3354/meps14122

Isari S., Pearman J.K., Casas L., Michell C.T., Curdia J., Berumen M.L., Irigoien X. (2017) Exploring the larval fish community of the central Red Sea with an integrated morphological and molecular approach. PLoS ONE 12(8): e0182503.

Alcaraz M., Calbet A., Isari S., Iriogien X., Trepat I., Saiz E. (2016) Variability of mesozooplankton biomass and individual size in a coast-offshore transect in the Catalan Sea: relationships with chlorophyll a and hydrographic features. Sci. Mar. 80S1: 79–87

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Faglige foredrag


Regional Training Workshop: Identification of Zooplankton and Fish Larvae of the Western Indian Ocean

Margareth S. Kyewalyanga, Jenny A. Huggett, Stamatina Isari, James M. Mwaluma

Plankton research onboard RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean

Stamatina Isari, Jenny A. Huggett, Margareth S. Kyewalyanga, Ceica Chioze, Lorence A. Vidot, Jérôme Harlay, Riaan Cedras, Johan C. Groeneveld

Microplastics recordings from surface water at Myanmar 2018 during the EAF Nansen survey

Htun Thein, Stamatina Isari, Ørjan Bjorøy, Bjørn Einar Grøsvik

The salinity/density gradient column system measure buoyancy in live fish eggs

Svein Sundby, Stamatina Isari

Rapporter og avhandlinger


Mapping of Fish Spawning in the North Sea; Report of the “KINO-2” Project for 2019

Alejandro Mateos-Rivera, Bahar Mozfar, Rasmus Skern-Mauritzen, Geir Dahle, Henning Wehde, Lisbeth Kleppe, Svein Sundby, Anders Thorsen, Lars Asplin, Stamatina Isari, Bjørn Arne Krafft

Mapping of fish spawning in the North Sea — Report of the KINO-2 project for 2018

Alejandro Mateos-Rivera, Bahar Mozfar, Rasmus Skern-Mauritzen, Geir Dahle, Henning Wehde, Lisbeth Kleppe, Svein Sundby, Anders Thorsen, Bjørghild Breistein Seliussen, Lars Asplin, Gaston Ezequiel Aguirre, Stamatina Isari, Bjørn Arne Krafft


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