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Tina Marie Weier Oldham

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Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


The potential for cleaner fish-driven evolution in the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis: Genetic or environmental control of pigmentation?

Lars Are Hamre, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Frode Oppedal, Frank Nilsen, Kevin Alan Glover
Ecology and Evolution 11 p. 1-14

Cyclic hypoxia exposure accelerates the progression of amoebic gill disease

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Tim Dempster, Phil Crosbie, Mark Adams, Barbara Nowak
Pathogens 9 p. 1-14

Metabolic and functional impacts of hypoxia vary with size in Atlantic salmon

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Barbara F. Nowak, Malthe Hvas, Frode Oppedal
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 231 p. 30-38

Dissolved oxygen variability in a commercial sea-cage exposes farmed Atlantic salmon to growth limiting conditions

Solstorm D*, Oldham T*, Solstorm F, Klebert P, Stien LH, Vågseth T, Oppedal F
Aquaculture 486 p. 122-129

Cage size affects dissolved oxygen distribution in salmon aquaculture

Oldham T, Oppedal F, Dempster T
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 10 (Nei) p. 149-156

Oxygen gradients affect behaviour of caged Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Oldham T, Dempster T, Fosse JO, Oppedal F
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 9 (Nei) p. 145-153

Incidence and distribution of amoebic gill disease (AGD) – an epidemiological review

Oldham T, Rodger H, Nowak B
Aquaculture 457 (Nei) p. 35-42

) Insights into the evolution of freshwater sponges: Barcoding and phylogenetic data from Lake Tanganyika endemics indicate multiple invasions and unsettle existing taxonomy.

Erpenbeck D, Weier T, Boogd N, Worheide G, Sutcliffe P, Todd J, Michel E
Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 61(1) (Nei) p. 231-236

Triploid Grass Carp: triploid induction, sterility, reversion, and certification

Zajiceck P, Weier T, Goodwin A
American Journal of Fisheries Management 31(4) (Nei) p. 614-618

A triploid grass carp risk analysis specific to Florida

Zajicek P, Weier T, Hardin S, Cassani JR, Mudrak V
Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 47 (Nei) p. 15-20

The effect of inbreeding on fluctuating asymmetry of wing veins in two laboratory strains of Drosophila melanogaster

Carter AJR, Weier TM, Houle D
Heredity 102 (Nei) p. 563-572

Rapporter og avhandlinger


Summary and status of deep lights and deep feed use in commercial settings: welfare, behaviour and infestation at three case study sites — End report from the FHF projects 901154 “Dypelysogfôring”

Samantha Bui, Frode Oppedal, Jonatan Nilsson, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Lars Helge Stien
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